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Got a lead on a book you think I'd adore? Want me to give a critique on your book? Want to know why I'm in favor of spaying and neutering your pet? ...desperately need to know my favorite color?

Please scroll down to view my Genres and Review Policy/Preferences.

No problem. Here are some ways to get in touch with me:

My Goodreads account: (anyone can send me messages here)
Talitha Nelle

My Bloglovin' account:

My Pinterest account:
Talitha Nelle

Feel free to add me on any of those sites: I am generally snoopy and follow back. If I have not followed you back, and you're following me, give me a poke.

I just set up an email specifically for those of you who wish to contact me that way, but it isn't the one I use for everyday purposes (i.e. my Amazon account has a different email). It is as follows, minus spaces and capital letters: Victorian Soul Critiques (At) Gmail (Dot) Com.

You can also use this contact form:


If you have a book you want me to read, here are the Genres I devour and critique:
Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Magic Realism Fiction, Classics, Paranormal Fiction, occasionally straight up Fiction with odd elements, Gothic Horror, and Romance with strong elements of any of the previously mentioned genres. I usually do not read and review Young Adult, unless it has strong elements of my preferred genres. I read Kindle books, but tend to buy physical copies of the books I love.

I will reply to your message if I want to review your book. Please don't send multiple messages for the same book. I give preference to authors/publishers I've read and reviewed for previously.

Review Policy/Preferences:
1. I accept self-published, small press, and traditionally published works, if they fall under my preferred genres. Some of my favorite books have been self-published/small press, so there's no issue of bias there.

I also reserve the right to refuse any book for any reason. I often go with my gut feeling on books, and I won't accept something I expect to not enjoy, for the good of both parties.

2. It takes me about a month to read and review. I've usually always finished review copies and their critiques on time. However, if I have too much on my plate in terms of review copies (or vacation), I'll ask to read and review in another month or so. My life doesn't revolve around my blog.

3. If I don't like a book, I don't change my mind (or my rating) because careful consideration goes into my critiques. I have only changed my mind on the rating of some books I read as a teen, then reread as an adult, and those mostly become lower.

4. My current average star rating on Goodreads is 3.30, which is low compared with some other people's rating average, but Goodreads doesn't believe in half stars, which I use on my blog.

5. My critiques are honest, but I try to never bash a book or its author. As a writer, I know what kind of care goes into crafting a book, so I try to be fair by telling what I felt was bad and what I felt was good.

6. It's difficult for me to ignore spelling and grammar mistakes, as well as repetitive words, and those things do factor into my reviews. If you've worked hard to self-publish your book, respect your hard work enough to hire an editor: no one likes reading a book riddled with typos.

7. If your book is fantasy, historical fiction, or set in another world: I don't like books that don't give me a feel for what world or era they're set in. If your book has characters that could be people from our world playing dress up (i.e. their speech is everyday modern speech, or they don't act like Ancient Romans and they're in Ancient Rome), there is a chance the rating will be lower. I expect books set in different times or places to take me there, and not make me feel like I just took a walk in a modern grocery store with people clothed in weird outfits.

8. I receive no monetary compensation for any of my reviews or posts. I don't even had ads on this site. I write and read for my own enjoyment, and if others like it, that's a bonus.

9. I always post critiques on my blog and almost always on Goodreads. If I rated your book below three stars, I won't post any of the review on Amazon, but if I rated it three stars or above I will. I may buy ebooks from Amazon, but their customer reviews are largely unreliable and I don't like to post reviews there unless I have good things to say about a book.
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