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Author Last Name, First Name
   I'll tell the Book Title (which is the link), if it is part of a series, applicable genres, and my reading age advisory.

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My Favorite and Least Favorite Reads of:

Author, By Last Name:


Alcott, Louisa May
   The Inheritance, a classic Gothic novel about an orphan of mysterious heritage, Ages 12+

Andrews, Ilona
   Magic Bites, Kate Daniels #1, an Urban Fantasy about a mercenary magician with a sword called Slayer, Ages 18+
   Magic Burns, Kate Daniels #2, wherein Kate encounters some Irish myths, Ages 18+
   Magic Strikes, Kate Daniels #3, Kate tries to seek vengeance during the Midnight Games, Ages 18+
   Magic Bleeds, Kate Daniels #4, Kate has a slightly unpleasant family reunion, Ages 18+
   Magic Slays, Kate Daniels #5, Kate starts her own business, but not without roadbumps. Ages 18+
   Magic Rises, Kate Daniels #6, Kate must survive the panacea panic in Europe, Ages 18+
   Magic Breaks, Kate Daniels #7, Kate must solve a murder in time to save the Pack, Ages 18+

Ashley, Amanda
   Beauty's Beast, a Paranormal Romance slash Fairy Tale Retelling about Beauty and the Beast, Ages 18+

Atwood, Margaret
   The Handmaid's Tale, about a Dystopian society in which women have no power, Ages 18+


Beukes, Lauren
   Moxyland, a standalone cyberpunk dystopia about everything not being as it seems, Ages 18+

Bishop, Anne
   Written in Red, The Others #1, a surprisingly funny dark urban fantasy with harnessed wolf puppies, Ages 16+
   Murder of Crows, The Others #2, where things in the Courtyard take a darker turn, Ages 18+

Block, Francesca Lia
   The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold, a Short Story collection of urban fairy tale retellings, Ages 16+

Brennert, Alan
   Moloka'i, a Historical fiction about a girl from Honolulu with leprosy, Ages 18+

Butcher, Jim
   Storm Front, Dresden Files #1, an Urban Fantasy about a wizard private investigator, Ages 18+
   Fool Moon, Dresden Files #2, the continuing misadventures of a wizard private eye, Ages 18+
   Grave Peril, Dresden Files #3, where Harry gets a little skeevy with vampires, Ages 18+
   Summer Knight, Dresden Files #4, my favorite so far due to the faeries, Ages 18+
   Death Masks, Dresden Files #5, where Harry proves his adulthood, Ages 18+


Canavan, Trudi
   Thief's Magic, Millennium's Rule #1, about a fantasy universe that can be traveled using magic, Ages 18+

Carriger, Gail
   Soulless, Parasol Protectorate #1, Alexia accidentally kills a vampire, Steampunk, Ages 18+
   Changeless, Parasol Protectorate #2, Alexia goes to Scotland to find the source of vamp/werewolf mortality zones, Ages 18+
   Blameless, Parasol Protectorate #3, Alexia flees to Italy after ladybugs prove vicious, Ages 18+
   Heartless, Parasol Protectorate #4, Alexia must save the queen after a ghost rumors of her death, Ages 18+
   Timeless, Parasol Protectorate #5, Alexia travels to Egypt after being called there by an ancient queen, Ages 18+

Chevalier, Tracy
   The Girl With a Pearl Earring, a historical fiction about the tale behind the famous Vermeer masterwork, Ages 16+
   Remarkable Creatures, a historical fiction about Mary Anning and Elizabeth Philpot, Ages 16+

Clarke, Cassandra Rose
   The Mad Scientist's Daughter, a standalone Sci-fi Romance about a robot and a human falling in love, Ages 18+

Collins, Suzanne
   The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games #1, a gladiatorial game determines your fate in this YA dystopia, Ages 14+
   Catching Fire, The Hunger Games #2, where Katniss must prove her love of Peeta- or else, Ages 14+


Danticat, Edwidge
   Breath, Eyes, Memory, a Vintagey fiction about the women of Haiti, Ages 16+

Davies, Elizabeth
   The Spirit Guide, a Historical Paranormal Romance about a woman who sees ghosts, Ages 18+

Demick, Barbara
   Nothing to Envy, an O.o.O.C. about North Korean defectors, Ages 16+

Doctorow, Cory
   The Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, a Sci-fi novella about a Disney-esque dystopia, Ages 18+

Draven, Grace
   Entreat Me, a Romantic Beauty and the Beast Retelling, Ages 18+

Duncan, Rod
   The Bullet-Catcher's Daughter, The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire #1, a steampunk mystery featuring a cross-dressing heroine, Ages 16+


Erikson, Steven
   Gardens of the Moon, Malazan Book of the Fallen #1, Epic Fantasy, Ages 18+

Erin, Aileen
   Cipher, Shadow Ravens #1, a light sci-fi about a girl with unstable DNA, Ages 16+

Evans, Chris
   Of Bone and Thunder, a Standalone Epic Fantasy novel based on the Vietnam War, with Dragons, Ages 18+


Farmer, Nancy
   The House of the Scorpion, Matteo Alacran #1, YA dystopian about being a clone, Ages 12+

Fenn, J. Lincoln
   Poe, a Standalone Horror/Urban Fantasy about a young man who dies on Halloween, Ages 18+

Fenton, Maggie
   The Duke's Holiday, Regency Romp Trilogy #1, Funny Historical Romance about a girl trying to save her family's castle, Ages 18+

Fleming, Ian
   Casino Royale, James Bond #1, where I root for the villain and begrudge the hero, Ages 18+

French, Albert
   Billy, a standalone historical fiction based on real-life racial injustice in 1930s Alabama, Ages 16+

Frost, Jeaniene
   Halfway to the Grave, Night Huntress #1, Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance about a half human half vampire huntress of vampires, Ages 18+
   One Foot in the Grave, Night Huntress #2, UF/PNR about Cat and Bones's continued adventures.
   At Grave's End, Night Huntress #3, UF/PNR focuses more on Cat's relationships with people other than Bones.


Gaiman, Neil
   Stardust, a standalone about a young man's quest to bring a star home for his lady love, Ages 16+
      Stardust: Book to Film Comparison

Gischler, Victor
   Ink Mage, Ink Mage #1, Epic Fantasy with Tattoo Magic (Yantra Tattoos), Ages 18+

Gordon, (Emmanuel) Taylor
   Born to Be, O.o.O.C. a Roaring Twenties memoir about an African American man who becomes a famous spiritual singer, Ages 16+


Haggard, H. Rider
   She: A History of Adventure, She #1, a Victorian Fantasy/Adventure about She-who-must-be-obeyed, Ages 16+

Harris, Charlaine
   Dead Until Dark, Sookie Stackhouse #1, a fun Paranormal Romance with Vampires and Mind Readers, Ages 18+

Hieber, Leanna Renee
   The Eterna Files, (unsure if it will be a series), a Victoriana read that pits America and Britain against each other in the battle to find immortality, Ages 16+

Hoffman, Alice
   Second Nature, a Magic Realism story with elements of Beauty and the Beast, Ages 18+
   The Foretelling, a Young Adult about a tribe of Amazons, Ages 14+
   Practical Magic, a Magical Realism about two sisters who may or may not know some practical magic, Ages 18+
   The Dovekeepers, a Magical Realism Historical about the Siege of Masada, Ages 18+

Hunter, Elizabeth
   The Scribe, Irin Chronicles #1, Paranormal Romance with Fallen (and Forgiven) Angels. Ages 18+
   The Singer, Irin Chronicles #2, Paranormal Romance, Do Not Read unless you've read The Scribe, Ages 18+
   The Secret, Irin Chronicles #3, PNR/UF, the last Ava and Malachi hurrah, Ages 18+.

Huong, Duong Thu
   Paradise of the Blind, Historical about a woman reminiscing about growing up in Communist Vietnam, Ages 16+



James, Elliott
   Charming, Pax Arcana #1, Urban Fantasy about an outlaw Werewolf, Ages 18+

Jordan, Kelsey
   The Lycan Hunter, A Gardinian World Novel (#1), Mythology-rich paranormal romance dealing with shapeshifters, Ages 18+
   Heart of a Rocky, Gardinian World Novellas (#2), PNR/UF Omar and Asim Tyson's stories.


Kay, Susan
   Legacy, a Historical Fiction account of Elizabeth Tudor's life, Ages 18+

Kaye, Rainy
   Summoned, a Paranormal Romance about a genie whose master has infinite wishes. Ages 18+

Kaysen, Susanna
   Girl, Interrupted, a Memoir about a teen in a mental health facility during the late '60s, Ages 16+

Kennedy, Jeffe
   The Mark of the Tala, The Twelve Kingdoms #1, Romantic Fantasy, Ages 18+

Kenyon, Sherrilyn
   Night Pleasures, Dark Hunter #1, Paranormal Romance about immortal hunters of Daimons, Ages 18+

Knight, Edward M.
   A Thirst For Vengeance, The Ashes Saga #1, Dark Fantasy, the-Name-of-the-Wind-esque, Ages 16+

Koontz, Dean
   Odd Thomas, Odd Thomas #1, Paranormal Fiction with Romance, Ghosts, and Horror, Ages 18+
   Forever Odd, Odd Thomas #2, about Odd's continuing adventures seeing dead people, Ages 18+

Kostova, Elizabeth
   The Historian, Historical Fiction/Paranormal about if Dracula truly lives, Ages 16+


Lackey, Mercedes
   The House of Four Winds, One Dozen Daughters #1, a romantic pirate fantasy romp, Ages 14+

Lafferty, Linda
   House of Bathory, a Historical/Contemporary Vampire Tale, Ages 18+


Mallory, James
   The House of Four Winds, One Dozen Daughters #1, a romantic pirate fantasy romp, Ages 14+

Márai, Sándor 
   Embers, a classic novel about friends meeting after 41 years apart, Ages 16+

Marion, Isaac
   Warm Bodies, Warm Bodies #1, a zombie/human love story, Ages 14+

Martin, George R.R.
   A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire #1, an Epic Fantasy with Multiple POVs and gray morality, Ages 18+
   A Clash of Kings, ASoIaF #2, continues the epicness of the first, Ages 18+
   A Storm of Swords, ASoIaF #3, a book where Mr. Martin tests his mad wedding planning skills, Ages 18+
   A Feast For Crows, ASoIaF #4, where I relate to characters I haven't related to before, Ages 18+
   A Dance With Dragons, ASoIaF #5, where Mr. Martin leaves me wanting, Ages 18+
   Fevre Dream, a Historical Standalone about vampires and steamboats, Ages 18+

Masson, Sophie
   Trinity, The Koldun Code #1, a romantic thriller with paranormal aspects, Ages 18+

du Maurier, Daphne
   Rebecca, a Historical Classic of Mystery and Suspense, Ages 16+

McCaffrey, Anne
   The Rowan, The Tower and the Hive #1, Sci-fi with a touch of Romance, Ages 16+
   Crystal Singer, The Crystal Singer #1, Sci-fi with singers and without a save the world plot, Ages 16+

McKinley, Robin
   The Hero and the Crown, Damar #1, High Fantasy with a dash of Romance, Ages 14+
   Sunshine, Standalone Urban Fantasy about Vampires and Magicians, Ages 18+

Meredith, David C.
   The Reflections of Queen Snow White, a Fairy Tale Retelling of Snow White's Story, Ages 18+

Milan, Courtney
   The Governess Affair, Brothers Sinister Prequel, a historical romance without Lords and Ladies, Ages 18+
   The Heiress Effect, Brothers Sinister #2, a historical romance where the gowns are hideous, Ages 18+.

Mitchell, Margaret
   Gone With The Wind, a Classic Epic Historical Romance of the Old South, Ages 16+

Moran, Michelle
   Rebel Queen, a Historical about the 'last queen of India' Rani Lakshmibai, Ages 16+

Morrison, Toni
   Beloved, a Classic Historical/Magical Realism about an escaped slave who isn't free, Ages 18+


Natusch, Amber Lynn
   Unborn, Unborn #1, an UF/PNR with a fast pace and elements of Greek Mythology, Ages 18+
   Unseen, Unborn #2, an UF/PNR sequel which reminded me of American Gods. Ages 18+



Pehov, Alexey
   Chasers of the Wind, Cycle of Wind and Sparks #1, Epic Fantasy about married assassins, Ages 18+

Penelope, L.
   Song of Blood and Stone, Earthsinger Chronicles #1, Epic Fantasy Romance about a woman trying to help a spy, Ages 18+



Rand, Ayn
   Anthem, a novella about a dystopian society where 'I' doesn't exist, Ages 14+.

Rees, Celia
   Pirates!, a Historical YA I read as a teen about an unusual friendship between two girls, Ages 14+

Rice, Anne
   The Wolf Gift, The Wolf Gift Chronicles #1, about a man attacked by a wolf who gains strangeness, Ages 18+
   Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Chronicles #1, a vamp named Louis recounts his life to a budding journalist, Ages 18+

Rosoff, Meg
   How I Live Now, a standalone look at a future war in England, dystopia-style (YA), Ages 16+

Rostand, Edmond
   Cyrano de Bergerac, Classic Historical Fiction about the aforementioned man, written as a play, Ages 14+

Rowling, J.K.
   Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter #1, about an orphan who gets into an exclusive magic prep school, Ages 9+


Sanderson (the Benevolent), Brandon
   The Way of Kings, Stormlight Archive #1, Epic Fantasy with Multiple POVs, Ages 16+
   Words of Radiance, Stormlight Archive #2, Epic Fantasy with Battles ect., Ages 16+
   Warbreaker, Warbreaker #1, a FREE book of Epic Fantasy, (see critique for link), Ages 16+

See, Lisa
   Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, Historical about female friendship and nüshu script. Ages 16+

Setterfield, Diane
   The Thirteenth Tale, Historical about a mysterious author's true biography, Ages 18+

Shankman, Helen Maryles
   The Color of the Light, Contemporary and Historical Vampire, Ages 18+

Shors, John
   Beneath a Marble Sky, a Historical Love Story about a princess in Hindustan during the construction of the Taj Mahal, Ages 18+

Sijie, Dai
   Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress, Historical Fiction about China's Cultural Revolution, Ages 18+


Tessaro, Kathleen
   The Perfume Collector, a Historical about a woman's mysterious inheritance, Ages 16+

Tsukiyama, Gail
   The Samurai's Garden, Historical about a young Chinese man recovering from TB at his grandfather's Japanese beach house pre-WWII


Ung, Loung
   First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, Out of Orbit Critique #1, Memoir about the Cambodian Genocide through the eyes of a young girl, Ages 14+


Velde, Vivian Vande
   Dragon's Bait, Young Adult Fantasy about a girl accused of witchcraft left on a hillside as Dragon's Bait, Ages 12+


Warren, Kaaron
   Walking the Tree, a Standalone Sci-fi/Fantasy about a woman setting out to find her place on the island, Ages 18+.

Weeks, Brent
   The Black Prism, Lightbringer #1, Epic Fantasy world where magic is derived from sunlight, Ages 16+
   The Blinding Knife, Lightbringer #2, Kip becomes his own man, the Guile family connives, Ages 18+
  The Broken Eye, Lightbringer #3, Gavin and Kip struggle to return to the seat of power, Ages 18+

Wells, H.G.
   The Invisible Man, a classic Sci-fi thriller about a man who becomes invisible, Ages 14+

Welty, Eudora
  The Optimist's Daughter, a woman deals with her father's death while unraveling her past (Classic), Ages 16+

Wilde, Oscar
   The Picture of Dorian Gray, a classic Gothic Horror about an immoral immortal, Ages 14+

Wilson, C.L.
  Lord of the Fading Lands, Tairen Soul #1, Epic Fantasy Romance with truemates and shifters, Ages 18+



Yolen, Jane
   Briar Rose, The Fairy Tale Series, a Fairy-Tale retelling combined with Holocaust fiction, Ages 14+


Zafón, Carlos Ruiz
   The Shadow of the Wind, The Cemetery of Forgotten Books #1, a Mysterious Historical Fiction, Ages 18+

Out of Orbit Critiques
   #1: First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers by Loung Ung (Memoir)
   #2: Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick (Nonfiction about North Korean defectors)
   #3: Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen (Memoir about being a teen in mental health facility)
   #4: Born to Be by Taylor Gordon (Memoir about an African American spiritual singer)

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   #3: "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving and "The Fall of the House of Usher" by Edgar Allan Poe
   #4: "The Birds" by Daphne du Maurier and "The Oval Portrait" by Edgar Allan Poe

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