Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Upcoming Reviews

Here's a look at what I've been polishing:

Critiques On Books From NetGalley:

The Twelve Kingdoms: The Mark of the Tala By Jeffe Kennedy: Is to be released May 27th, so expect the critique to drop about 2-3 weeks before its publication. I devoured this one, and already have most of the review done.
Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Chasers of the Wind (Cycle of Wind and Sparks, #1) By Alexey Pehov: Expected publication is June 17th, so again, I'll post the critique 2-3 weeks before its release to drum up interest. I haven't finished this yet, but have a good vibe from the first chapters.
Genres: Epic Fantasy, Fantasy

Critiques On Books I've Read:

Rebecca By Daphne du Maurier: Yes, I realize this is quite unlike me, but I do read classics, and not the snore yourself awake kind. A book that should be read by every girl worthy of her heels.
Genres: Mystery, Classic, Romance, Historical

The Hero and the Crown By Robin McKinley: Indeed, I am reviewing an awful lot of R.M. books (two), but she's in the Society of Authors I'm Obsessed With, so bite me.
Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult, Dragons!!!

Warbreaker By Brandon Sanderson: This book is available for free, online. I read it for free, online. I am writing a review to show my everloving appreciation to authors, like Mr. Sanderson, who share the love of books to people who can't afford them. Because I was once book-poor myself.
Genres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic, Romance (as a subplot, mostly)

Books I'm Currently Reading and May or May Not Critique:

Ink Mage By Victor Gischler: This was released as a Kindle Serial, and many people hated on it because of that. Now it's available as a full length book, so I'm reading it. Genres: Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Magic

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