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Confessions: An Explanation of My Weird GR Shelves

Confessions of an Insomniac Book Devourer #11

I've wanted to share the meanings behind my Goodreads shelves for a while now, because mine break the mold as far as shelf names. And since my Confessions post was coming up next, why not incorporate it into that? Because I'm again at a loss for words this week, in terms of non-creative writing.

Note: You have to be a signed-in Goodreads user to see any of my shelves, because I don't want just anyone who's online looking at what I'm reading/up to.

2011 ‎: Books I read in 2011 (I can only remember ASoIaF series, but I definitely read more than that).
2012 ‎: Books I read in 2012
2013 ‎: Books I read in 2013
2014 ‎: Books I read in 2014
3-star-domain ‎: Books I rated 3-3.5 Stars.
4-star-domain ‎: Books I rated 4-4.5 Stars.
5-star-reads ‎: The Few. The Proud. The 5 Star Reads.
authors-i-m-obsessed-with ‎: Books by authors I adore. Slightly inspired by Kelly Osbourne, my favorite violet-haired fashionista.
cats-in-the-cradle : books about adulthood/adult problems/have mainly adult protagonists, from the Cat Steven's song "Cat's in the Cradle".
copy-for-critique : books I received for free in exchange for my humble opinion.
do-you-believe-in-magic ‎: Books that have magic/supernatural powers at play. Based on the tune: "Do You Believe in Magic" by the Lovin' Spoonful (I'm a sucker for vintage music).
dollar-dollar-bill-yall ‎: Books I bought for a dollar or less. Not counting sporadic taxes. From the rap song "Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)" by Wyclef Jean.
for-the-love-of-blog ‎: Books I read/reread, for the love of blog. This also means there is a review on my blog for the book. This shelf is also prone to go non-updated for long stretches of time. You're probably better off looking at my blog.
free-ride-into-the-sun ‎: based on the song "Get Free" by the Vines- I got these books free.
great-expectations ‎: I had/have great expectations of this book, due to it being the next in a series or by an author I adore.
here-be-androids ‎: has robots/androids that are featured strongly in the story.
here-be-beasties ‎: has beasties (animals and/or animal shifters) in the story.
here-be-dragons ‎: has dragons in the story- based on the book "Here be Dragons".
here-be-vampiers ‎: has vampires in the story. Vampier than your vampires.
here-be-werewolves ‎: has werewolves (wolf shifters) in the story
here-be-yee-has ‎: has yee-has (what my brother used to call horses) in the story. It's precious.
here-be-zombies ‎: has zombies/walking dead in the story
heroes-with-grit ‎: Heroes who have "True Grit". Yes, I stole this from a Western movie. No regrets.
heroines-with-teeth ‎: Heroines I love/who have teeth and are doers instead of passive about their fates.
herstory ‎: History/autobiographies/biographies from a female POV - her story
herstory-fiction ‎: Historical fiction with a female narrator/protagonist- her story fiction
history ‎: History/autobiographies/biographies from a male POV- his story
history-fiction ‎: Historical fiction with a male narrator/protagonist - his story fiction
i-cried : Because this book made me cry (in bad or good ways)
i-laughed ‎: Because this book made me laugh.
invisible-books ‎: Kindle or ebooks I own. I have invisible books instead of an invisible plane.
jarred ‎: For my recent TBR jar project- keeping track of those I've written down and "jarred".
kid-books ‎: Books I read as a kid/will make my kid read.
kind-of-luxe ‎: or Royal Protagonists inspired by "Royals" (Lorde) "...that kind of luxe just ain't for us."
kindle-daily-deal-addict ‎: Books I bought as Kindle Daily Deals, because I'm an addict.
mantasy : male or military fantasy, made expressly for Of Bone and Thunder by Chris Evans
need-to-buy ‎: Books I want physical copies of
not-my-cup-of-coffee ‎: not my cup of coffee = isn't for me, but someone else may love it
objects-of-my-obsession ‎: The Object of My Affection is a film/book, but obsession describes my fascination with these books.
on-my-shelves ‎ (429) : Books I have in physical format. Yes, I do have a large library.
once : fairy tales and fairy tale retellings or books that feel like you're reading a fairy tale.
realms-beyond ‎: Fantasy/Sci-fi: doesn't take place in our world, not based on our world.
realms-within ‎: Fantasy/Sci-fi takes place on our world (or a world very similar to ours), but with a paranormal or other twist.
revisitations ‎: I reread these books. This one is also very unreliable, because I've reread all the books I reviewed on this blog, so this should have more books.
schoolbooks ‎: Books I read for or during my brief school years, either for school or books that sat on my desk to be read during freetime.
series-devourer ‎: a shelf to track my obsession with series, what I used to gauge the amount of series vs. standalone books I have read, particularly for the post: Confessions: The Series Devourer
stubborn-love ‎: Romance, although I'm thinking of another shelf for cheesy romance or romance I didn't believe in (see wish-i-could-believe-in-you shelf below). Inspired by the Lumineers song "Stubborn Love".
teenage-dream ‎: Books I read as a teen, inspired by the Katy Perry song of the same name.
troglodyte-in-training : This book has a cave man (or men) in it. I despise cave men and rate accordingly, but some books get points in other categories like world-building or plot and rise above my cave man loathing.
the-gift-horse ‎: Books I've been given as gifts.
ugh ‎: *ugh* because Goodreads sucks and doesn't believe in democracy *ugh*
unexpected-gems ‎: Books that I didn't expect a lot from, but ended up pretty excellent.
winning-like-mr-sheen ‎: Remember the days of Charlie Sheen "Winning"? Well, this is the shelf I use for books I won on blog-based giveaways. I'm a "winner".
wish-i-could-believe-in-you : love stories I don't fall for. From La Roux's song "I'm Not Your Toy" - "...I wish I could believe in you. Yes It's all false love and affection..."
with-review ‎: books I wrote a review for that is generally longer than a sentence. However, I often forget this shelf exists, so don't rely on it.
yes ‎: Books that made me happy/I would bring to a desert island with me.
young-at-heart : based on the song, "Young at Heart" sung by Sinatra, basically YA books or anything that made me feel "young 17 Again" while reading.

I'll be updating this list sporadically as I add new shelves.

Am I the only one with weird Goodreads shelf names? Have you seen any spectacular shelf names on GR lately?

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