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SFF: The 5 Best Gifts for Book Lovers

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The 5 Best Gifts For Book Lovers

(This list includes a few no-brainers, in addition to specialty items.)

Even as a frequent Kindle-book reader, I never seem to have enough bookmarks for my physical book collection. Maybe it is because I read many books at the same time, or maybe it's because there is a magical bookmark thief who steals them while I sleep. We'll never know, but if you know a book lover, chances are they could use a few pretty bookmarks for their collection.
Craft Ideas for Making Bookmarks - Pinterest
Guiltless Reader's Bookmark Monday Lots of cool bookmarks to suit any personality.
Or my favorite: Lord of the Rings Bookmarks with rings of power.

From Spoonflower
4. Bookish Series Collectables
I've already professed my love of the LotR series, but I also love A Song of Ice and Fire, Kingkiller Chronicle, the Millennium Trilogy (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series), and the Harry Potter Series. But I have very little in the way of bookish accessories to display my love of them (besides LotR, of course). Naturally some accessorizing is in order.
A trunk to put your Harry Potter books in: Hogwarts Wooden Steamer Trunk - Patronus Edition (Amazon)
To replace my icky paperback Millennium Trilogy: Deluxe Boxed Set Millennium Trilogy (Amazon)
A map of Westeros bag you can sew yourself: Map of Westeros Bag (Spoonflower)
Denna's Ring from the Kingkiller Chronicle: (Medieval Collectibles)

3. Book Ends
This really depends on the person, but I happen to like bookends (specifically anything dragon-themed) even if I often cram my books together on my bookshelves with no breathing room. My mother is excellent about finding interesting ones (as shown above), but I also like a few of these:
Gothic Castle Dragons Sculptural Bookends (Amazon)
Kikkerland Leaning Men Bookends, Set of 2 (Amazon)
Invisible Bookends (Paul Cocksedge Shop)

2. Bookish Board Games
Other than Scrabble, I've never played any literary board games. This needs to change, and so I've found some bookish board games you can play by yourself or with others.
Bookopoly Board Game (Multiplayer Only - Amazon)
Haikubes (Individual or With Others - Amazon)
The Storymatic Classic Tell Stories, Play Games, Make Art, and More (Single or Multiplayer - Amazon)

1. More Bookshelves, Please!
I always seem to be running out of space on my bookshelves regardless of the amount of books I buy, due in part to my constant reorganization. Series books are stacked lying on their sides to save room, and some books live a perilous existence on 'the edge'. Here are some neat bookshelves that I admire:
SEI Metal Spine-Style Book Tower (Amazon)
Nightstand in Oak. Floating bedside table. Hanging bedside rack (Etsy)
Southern Enterprise Black X Etagere (Hayneedle)

Notable Exclusions: I chose to omit any ereading devices (Kindle, Nook, etc.) due to the personal nature of buying things like that. My mom almost bought me an ereader despite my insistence I did not want one (for reasons), and I'm glad I was able to later buy a tablet/ereader myself instead.

The links I provided in this post aren't sponsored/affiliate links, they're just gift ideas I'm drooling over.

Do you have your eyes on any bookish gifts for the holidays? What's on your holiday wishlist?


  1. Oh my god that Westeros bag! So much want :D

    Also, Tales of the Arabian Nights is a hilarious literary-themed board game. Totally recommend it. It seems complicated, but the mechanics are actually pretty simple once you start playing.

    1. I know- I'm thinking of learning to sew just so I have an excuse to buy that fabric kit. I was actually looking for a map of Westeros to hang on the wall, but the bag is so much better (and cheaper).
      I haven't heard of that board game but will have to check it out- it sounds fun!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      ~Litha Nelle


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