Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Magic Slays (Kate Daniels #5)" by Ilona Andrews

This review features a book that is the fifth in the Kate Daniels series, and has inevitable spoilers for those who have not read the first four books of the series. My review of the first book can be found here.

This book continues Kate's (and also now Curran's) adventures in grand style- building up to my favorite two books of the series: Magic Rises and Magic Breaks. This series has become a major favorite of mine because of all the virtues I've listed before in previous reviews: snarkiness, banter, and books that all seem relevant to the series itself- as if the series itself has more of a cohesive purpose than most urban fantasy series I've read.

Oftentimes there are a few books in a series that could've been cut- either the book was more for character or world-building than actual plot, or the author just didn't have a clear vision for the series itself at that stage. The Kate Daniels series remains the exception to the rule: I can't really see cutting any of the books in this series- and that's a rare thing for me to note.

The Plot: (Because the one on Goodreads sucks)
Kate must deal with her rebellious ward Julie, appease the Pack who scrutinize her every move, all while starting her very own business... with the Pack's funds. Luckily, she has her friend Andrea to help her, but when Masters of the Dead suddenly start losing control of their vampires, will her help be enough?

Kate's ward Julie was a character I hadn't expected to stick around this long. I suppose I'm used to books were characters are disposable (*cough* A Game of Thrones *cough*), but I always have a sneaking suspicion that the fate of an orphan a hero/heroine adopts will never be an easy one. Julie herself doesn't appear much in this book, and yet she is always in the back of Kate's mind, along with her fears for her ward.

Andrea also features strongly in this book, bringing her love of guns, as well as her expertise with them. Andrea has had some struggles recently, disappearing with the attack poodle, only to return in defeat- her heritage is something that seems to follow her wherever she goes.

Magic Slays retains the awesomeness of the Kate Daniels series. Although it is not a five star read, it comes very close, leading up to my two very-late-in-the-game five star reads of 2014. I definitely continue to recommend this series for any and all who love strong heroines, action, sarcasm, with a side of romance.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars for another exceptional Kate Daniels episode!

Content: Ages 18+ for the continued themes of the series (see all my other content warnings for the series- you've been warned!).

Page Count: 308 pages

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