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SFF: The 5 Irish Authors You Whose Works You Want to Read More Of

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 A Countdown of

The 5 Irish Authors Whose Works You Want to Read More Of

*I haven't read that many Irish authors, so that's why the wording of my list is wacky.*

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5. Frank McCourt, Author of Angela's Ashes, 'Tis, and Teacher Man
Technically, Frank McCourt wasn't born in Ireland, but due to his famous memoir of his Irish childhood, I consider him Irish. I've read Angela's Ashes, which may have made me cry, and have his two other memoirs in my pile.

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4. Bram Stoker, Author of Dracula, and other books
I did not know Bram Stoker was Irish, but a quick Googling revealed he was. I also have not read Dracula, a feat that needs to be amended, (perhaps by next Halloween?). In any case, if I'm to retain my 'Vampires' tag, I must find and read the rest of the vampire fiction I've been missing out on, especially Dracula.

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3. Elizabeth Bowen, Author of The Death of the Heart, and other books
The last owner of Bowen's Court, where many other notable novelists came to visit (Virginia Woolf, Eudora Welty, etc.), Elizabeth Bowen also was a notable novelist in her own right. According to Wikipedia, she "was greatly interested in "life with the lid on and what happens when the lid comes off"", which makes me want to read her books.

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2. Kate O’Brien, Author of The Land of Spices and other books
Her book, The Land of Spices, was apparently banned because of one sentence. When I learned that, I knew she had to be pretty high on this list- I fully believe banned books are often the best books because they push people to react (and/or think about why they're reacting to the book).

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1. Oscar Wilde, Author of The Picture of Dorian Gray, multiple plays, essays, and poems
Many of you might know I very much admire Oscar Wilde- he's one of my favorite authors, maybe because he has only one 'technical' book that I absolutely adored. He's also one of the most quotable authors of wry witticisms, like this gem: "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

Do you have any Irish authors you want to read more of? 


  1. I'm writing about this tomorrow. What a coincidence, huh? I like Maeve Binchy, Andrew Greeley, Morgan Llywellyn, and Marian Keyes.

    1. Ha! I try to do monthly themes so I don't run out of list ideas. I kind of went with all dead authors for this list, though.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Heather!
      ~Litha Nelle


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