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Sunday Fun Five: The 5 Genres (or Subgenres) You Never Get Tired Of

The Sunday Fun Five #6

Sunday Fun 5:
#4: The 5 Authors You Would Revive, If Only For a Day
#5: The 5 Books That Define You as a Person and a Reader
#6: The 5 Genres (or Subgenres) You Never Get Tired Of
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A Countdown of

The 5 Genres (or Subgenres) You Never Get Tired Of

5. Memoirs
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a veterinarian? Or a poor kid growing up in Ireland during the depression? Or a social worker who uncovers a hideous secret about Britain's previous adoption and foster care system? Memoirs are books that give you a bird's eye view into the life of someone else, letting you experience their life through their words, and I rarely get tired of reading them.

The closest books in my physical copies to Paranormal Romance
4. Paranormal Romance
I'm relatively new to the adult spectrum of the genre, and was unaware this was an actual genre until Goodreads came into my life (I lived under a rock and my books consisted of scrolls before Goodreads, in case you were wondering). I love it when romance has more of a plot than "and they ended up together forever", and this genre is full of engaging stories and mythologies.

3. Classics
They are called Classics for a reason, and even if they don't live up to my high expectations of them, they often have ideas that grow into other books (most of the fantasy books available today wouldn't exist without the Lord of the Rings trilogy). It's interesting to read a classic and then look at a modern book that owes its plot or themes to that certain classic. 

2. Historical Fiction
One of my favorite genres, historical fiction takes its cues from history and then runs wild- sort of like those Hollywood movies where the film is based on a true story. It benefits from the ability of the author to bring us back in time to meet characters that have left no autobiographies of their life, while not bogging us down with details. It would be very difficult for me to tire of historical fiction, because there is so many times and places in history to write about.

1. Fantasy
I never get tired of fantasy. I never get tired of hearing about a girl (or boy) riding off from her farm to seek her fortune in fantastic realms populated with strange races and creatures. I never get tired of reading about epic battles of good and evil and those in between. It's my genre, and someday years from now you'll find me in a nursing home clutching my beloved fantasy mass market paperbacks and talking about the good ol' days when George R.R. Martin was still scribbling out tomes.

Notable Exclusions:
Science Fiction, even though I'm a huge fan of it, it takes a lot of my brainpower to read it and puzzle out certain gizmos and what that alien would look like (in other words, it's a mental workout to read).
Mysteries and Crime Thrillers can also sometimes go on forever, or feel like the same old thing I've read before.
Historical Romance can be really hit or miss with me, the best of the genre comes from the ten percent authors who write outside the box in the genre.
Plain History is very refreshing to read about, but only when it's done well and not long-winded.

What are your go-to genres? Are there certain genres you used to like, but have gotten tired of? Do you have to be in a particular mood when reading some genres?

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