Thursday, July 17, 2014


On Tuesday, I woke up to severe stomach pain and nausea, and after googling my symptoms today it's very likely I had food poisoning or a weird stomach bug. Either way, I spent my Tuesday and Wednesday within ten seconds of my bathroom, and loafing around like a...

From Giphy
zombie, without the perks of being able to keep anything down. Today, the above gif accurately demonstrates my situation- lurching around the house looking ghoulish. So, naturally, as I am a night-before book review writer, I had nothing to post today, until I saw this:

Word Crimes
It's by Weird Al, and thus has the requisite one inappropriate word (that if you blink you'll miss), but let's face it: if you've watched Blurred Lines, you can watch Word Crimes. Plus, it mentions blog posts.


Isn't my blog post fantastic?

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