Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Travel the World in Books Readathon: Map Mini Challenge

How to Make Your Own Book Map:
Guiltless Reading: Mini-Challenge: Make Your Own Book Map! Travel the World in Books Readathon (Part 1)
Guiltless Reading: Mini-Challenge: Make Your Own Book Map! Travel the World in Books Readathon (Part 2)

The Locations on the Map Indicate Where the Books Were Set

The Key:

Star = Read in 2014
Diamond = Read in 2013
Upside Down Teardrop = Read in 2012 or earlier
Square = Unread, on my bookshelves or on my Kindle

Pink = Romance Fiction (Historical, Paranormal, etc.)
Blue = Historical Fiction (Vintage to Ancient)
Violet = Historical/Contemporary Fiction (Two related storylines, one modern, the other old)
Yellow-Orange = Contemporary (Can be Urban Fantasy or plain Fiction)
Pale Green = Memoir/History (Nonfiction)
White = Unread, Variety of Genres

Note: I skipped over a lot of USA-set books due to my living there, and the vast army of USA-set books I've read. I also used only the first book in the series for certain series (due to the vast majority of series being set in the same place or general location.

This challenge makes you more conscious of how much diversity you have in your books. As you can see, I've been ignoring South America, Russia, the Philippines, Australia, Antarctica, half of Africa, and most of the Middle East in my bookish travels (although I do remember reading a great many books about South American countries as a kid). Luckily, due to the piles of books that make up my the-pile shelf, I can find quite a few of these missing links in my own library.

Anyway, this is a great (and fun) project for anyone wondering where their bookish journeys are taking them, even if they don't participate in the Travel the World in Books Readathon. I certainly never knew how much of the world I hadn't read about.


  1. I love that you've classified by year AND genre. I have a few Philippine (being from there) and Asia-based books I can recommend if you're interested.

    PS I noticed you haven't entered the giveaway. Pop by when you get a chance so you gen put your name in :)

    1. Yeah, I figured as long as I have so many options for the markers (colors, shapes, etc.) I may as well go to town with it. I was surprised to see how few diverse books I've actually read so far in 2014, despite buying lots that are set beyond the US. I'm thinking of adding some of my TBR books to the map just to see where they're set (and marking them so they look a lot different from the other markers).

      I'm planning on entering in the giveaway very soon: I was busy trying to finish my first book for the challenge last night.
      Thanks for commenting, hosting a giveaway, and posting those walkthrough directions on your site!
      ~Litha Nelle

    2. Wow, this is INTENSE :) Now I am rethinking my book map! I have waaay too many books set in the US. When I was doing my drop-down classifying books by country, I came in at 82 vs a mere sprinkling everywhere else. The book market is dominated by US authors writing about the US! It looks like you've got a good bunch of books in your TBR though, so hopefully you can get more diversity in there.

      I am enjoying this challenge, as host and as participant. I'm quite surprised at the love the tutorials are getting ;)

  2. Great job Litha! Congrats on winning the mini challenge, your map is inspiring. I still need to tweak mine to add kids books we read and get the colors right. Thanks for joining our Readathon, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


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