Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Fun 5: The 5 Blog Alternate Names For Your Blog

The Sunday Fun Five #9

Sunday Fun 5:
Feel free to participate by commenting below or writing a blog post: I wrote up some guidelines for blog participation here.

A Countdown of

The 5 Alternate Blog Names For Your Blog

5. The Forgotten Realms Books
...because I used to frequent a bookstore of the same name back in Montana. And it was my favorite, because unlike Barnes and Noble and Hastings, no teens made out there (and then stared at me for being in the same section as them- get a room, kids!). Also, it has a certain ring to it, and many of the books I critique could fall under this category.

4. The Paring of the-Piles
As many of you may know, I have shelves on Goodreads dedicated to tracking my ever-growing piles of books: the-invisible-pile for unread ebooks and the-pile for unread actual books. The Paring of The-Piles would be dedicated to getting them in more manageable shape more quickly than I currently am reading.

3. Lady Lithal's Literary Listings
Lady Lithal is my internet and gaming alter ego, and Lady Lithal's Literary Listings would be a place of both refinement and ruthless reviewing. With Victorian Soul Critiques, I try to only review the titles I really liked or ones that made an impression on me, but with Lady Lithal's LL I think I wouldn't hold my tongue as much (if that's even possible?).

2. The Kindle Daily Deal Addict Reviews
I've had a Kindle Fire HD for less than a year- I got it while Black Friday shopping in 2013 due to the startling lack of bookstores in my current city. Since then, I've accumulated 162 invisible-books, 105 of those being Kindle Daily Deals. Yes, I do have a problem, but The Kindle Daily Deal Addict does accurately describe me (and quite a few of my reviews).

1. The Bibliovore's Digest (Books. Nom Nom Nom.)
So this is one I thought up when I was initially starting my series Confessions of an Insomniac Book Devourer. Unfortunately, I didn't use "Insomniac Bibliovore" in my feature picture, so this would probably be my only other top contender with regards to blog names. Plus, the graphic is pretty cute, and I could have shorter reviews (something that's actually harder for me to write).

Have you ever thought up another name for your blog? Have you had any regrets with the naming or branding of your blog?

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