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Sunday Fun 5: The 5 Books You'd Rather Steal Than Wait For (To Be Published)

The Sunday Fun Five #8

Sunday Fun 5:
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Note: This post contains several mockup book covers made by yours truly. They're basically fan art, and by no means the official covers: I just made them to give a feel for the books (even though I haven't read any of them... yet).

Also, you may notice brief lapses of articulation in the writing below. Do Not Panic. That is my superfan breaking free.
Let Loose the SuperFan!!! From Giphy

A Countdown Of

The Five Books You'd Rather Steal Than Wait For (To Be Published)

Cover From Brent Weeks' Site
5. The Broken Eye (Lightbringer #3) by Brent Weeks (Expected Publication: August 26th 2014)
This one is only about a week away, but I want it now! Yes, I'm very impatient, and I realize there are more books to this series than three (dang it), but I'm more than a bit excited about this one- I can't wait to see what plot twists are up the author's sleeve. And also, the Guile twins: I want need to hear about them. The first seven chapters are available here.

Mockup by me, with a little help from The Sims 3
4. The 3rd Book in the Irin Chronicles by Elizabeth Hunter (No title yet, No Publication Date Yet)
Putting this book on my list proves my general lack of patience, as The Singer (the second in the series) was recently published. As a book devourer (and avid world-hopper), I appreciate the settings, mythology, and characters of the Irin Chronicles, but I can't help but want the next book right now!

Mockup is very sad compared to the previous series' covers.
3. Skybreaker (Stormlight Archive #3) by Brandon Sanderson (the Benevolent) (No Publication Date Yet, but it says 2015 on Goodreads)
Brandon Sanderson (the Benevolent)'s best quality as an author, in my humble opinion, is his ability to speed-write, and have the book end up as beautiful as Words of Radiance. And yet, I really can't wait another year just to hear what Szeth is up to (Breaking the Sky, perhaps?), and so this book is listed on my hit list of nefarious plunder.

Mockup made with my art. Doors of Stone need metal bindings.
2. Doors of Stone (Kingkiller Chronicle Day 3) by Patrick Rothfuss (No Publication Date Yet)
I'm a huge Kingkiller Chronicle fan, which may seem odd to those of you who follow this blog (I've yet to write up the reviews, because I love them and I'm afraid of imperfect reviews on my favorite books). I can't wait any longer for Doors of Stone because of my super fan status, but I must link to Patrick Rothfuss's review of it, because it's hilarious. If time-travelers like his book, chances are I will too.

Cover From Air Herald
1. Winds of Winter, and the rest of A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R.R. Martin (No Publication Date)
I rue the day I picked up A Game of Thrones, thinking it was a complete series. Nope. Not even close (but about halfway there). But really, I love the characters (that he mercilessly assassinates), so I should be able to wait a little while longer for this book. And by a little while, I mean probably a hundred years. (His manuscripts are virtually steal-proof, by the way- he uses a non-internet computer [or was it a typewriter?]).

Do you have any books you'd rather steal than wait for? Have you ever waited for a book that disappointed you when you finally were able to read it?

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