Thursday, April 9, 2015

Getting to Know Me

I've avoided many a 'tag' that has floated around the blogosphere, usually because I feel like I've told you enough about me through Confessions, NQACs, and other forms of mild self-promotion. But since I've been holding this position (soul sole blogger at Victorian Soul Critiques) for a year, I may as well tell you a little more.

Bookish Hypotheticals:

If I were a character in a book, I would describe myself (in third person) as:
A tallish sort, Litha Nelle is often asked by little old ladies to get the items from the top shelf of the grocery store. She is virtually unnoticeable (a good quality in a character) when she's quiet, but draws eyes as soon as she starts an awkward conversation. Seldom seen without her faithful companions, the direwolf and the Dorkie, and practically inseparable from her Kindle, Litha is an eccentric, favoring animals and fictional characters over real live people.

If I were to be a character in a book, it would likely be of this genre:
Either a mystery or a medical mystery.

If I were a character in a book, I would want this person to write my story:
Margaret Atwood, because her stories stay with you and often aren't as sad as Alice Hoffman's (the only other person I'd think of trusting my story to).


Or my precious(es) in Sméagol-speak.
Purple and blue.

Pizza, as it's the spiciest thing I can eat.

Coffee Ice Cream.

Coffee when my stomach behaves, Dr. Pepper as a runner up.

I love The Princess Bride, the Lord of the Rings movies, Zoolander (which will soon have a sequel), Atonement, and any vintage movies, particularly those starring James Dean, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, or Cary Grant.

I like my house, but I also love nothing more than being somewhere outdoors where you know there's only maybe a few people within a mile of you. Obviously, solitude is my thing.

I couldn't choose just one- I'll refer you to my "objects-of-my-obsession" shelf on Goodreads.

I like vintage or folksy-sounding music. If I had to pick a band, I'd say The Killers, who've been my favorite since I was 13, despite not being very vintage or folksy.

Television Shows?
The Blacklist, Expedition Unknown, Rehab Addict (old home renovations), House M.D. reruns, or anything on PBS, especially Masterpiece shows (Sherlock, Wolf Hall, that sort of thing).

Reading and writing.

What is my...?

According to Buzzfeed, an otter, like Hermione.

Hogwarts House?
According to the almighty guru, I would be in Ravenclaw.

According to Buzzfeed, I belong in District 12. See above gif for an illustration of my life in District 12.

Interesting Facts:

-I probably spent more time in hospitals (read: medical clinics, emergency rooms, radiology testing centers) than I ever did in a high school as a teen.

-Due in part to the above factoid, I've spent an enormous amount of time sitting and waiting for things to happen. This wasn't tolerable because I have a lot of patience, but instead, because I had a lot of...

From Giphy

-My hair has been every color except green, orange, or black. I was blonde as a toddler, which progressed into dark blonde/light brown hair as a kid, and then became an ambiguously dark grayish brown color, which I currently have dyed reddish brown.

-I can flare my nostrils, wiggle my ears, and my eyebrows are rather expressionate^.

(My collection of *slightly used dogs)
-I collect a lot of things like: parasols (2), hand fans (7), music boxes (11+), vintage clothing (5 dresses), shoes (innumerable), books (400+), vintage stuffed animals (4), and slightly used dogs (2)*.


This post rounds out the blogoversary week, so come Saturday I will back to the regular programming (reviews Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, Sunday is reserved for Confessions or Sunday Fun Five).

If you were a character in a book, what would that book's genre be?


  1. You know something horrible is going to happen to you if Margaret Atwood writes your life.

    1. Well, it doesn't exactly end as well with any other of my favorite authors. If I'd picked GRRM or Rothfuss I'd end up rather badly, and Hoffman seems immune to the idea of a Happily Ever After ending. I'd still be surviving if Atwood rewrote me into her Cat's Eye (which is my favorite book of hers, so far).
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Heather!
      ~Litha Nelle (who is bookishly 58 years old...)

  2. Haha I love coffee ice cream too! Coffee in general is just amazing stuff. Torrie and Keisha are so cute! I wish I could have a dog but I already have two cats who are the queens of the house - it wouldn't go over well!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Coffee is definitely one of my favorite things- couldn't live without it. I've often thought of getting Keisha and Torrie a kitty friend, but I have a feeling they'd get into some major mischief if they all got along as well as Keisha and Torrie do now. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Laura!
      ~Litha Nelle


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