Sunday, April 12, 2015

SFF: The 5 Sunday Fun Fives I Had the Most Fun With

The Sunday Fun Five #25

Sunday Fun 5:
#19: The 5 Books To Kickstart Your Reading Journey
#20: The 5 Character Couples that are Matches Made in Heaven
#21: The 5 Unconventional Romances that Somehow Worked for You
#22: The 5 Books That Remind You of Spring
#23: The 5 Irish Authors Whose Works You Want to Read More Of
#24: The 5 Books With Endings that Made You Mad
#25: The 5 Sunday Fun Fives I Had the Most Fun With
For the 26th of April: #26: The 5 Book Maps That Could Be/Are Works of Art
Feel free to participate by commenting below or writing a blog post: I wrote up some guidelines for blog participation here.

A Countdown of

The 5 Sunday Fun Fives I Had the Most Fun With

5. The First Sunday Fun Five: The 5 Stages of Reading a Bad Book
For my first Sunday Fun Five, I made all the pictures myself. Not that I haven't since, but it's certainly easier to Google images than it is to make them.

4. The Ninth Sunday Fun Five: The 5 Alternate Blog Names For Your Blog
Taking my love of graphic design (and PicMonkey) to the next level, I tried to imagine what other blog names I may have come up with if I hadn't already chosen the name "Victorian Soul Critiques". I had a lot of fun designing these, even though it took a lot more time than my usual SFF posts.

3. The Tenth Sunday Fun Five:  The 5 Books That Make You Want to Go Places
Inspired in part by the Travel the World in Books Readathon, I thought of all the books that made me want to go somewhere. What makes this more fun was some of the places I hadn't realized were based on actual places (like Manderley from Rebecca).

2. The Sixteenth Sunday Fun Five: The 5 Best Gifts For Book Lovers
This was a very easy one to throw together, because it was pre-Christmas and I was drooling over all the things that might end up under my tree. One of my favorites to investigate was the "Bookish Series Collectables", which turned up a lot more options than I'd anticipated.

1. The Eighth Sunday Fun Five: The 5 Books You'd Rather Steal Than Wait For (To Be Published)
I was so upset there wasn't even a cover for some of the books I'd rather steal than wait for, that I made several mockups of what they should look like. Since I couldn't computer generate the mockup for Doors of Stone, I decided to use my (admittedly rusty) sketching skills to draw what I thought Doors of Stone might actually look like... and had a lot of fun in the process.

Which posts do you have the most fun creating/writing for your blog?

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