Sunday, June 14, 2015

NQAC: Biweekly Update #12: Crickets on the Blog, and an Unnoticed Quotation

Depending on the liveliness of your own summer activities, you may have noticed I only posted one review this week, when usually I at least go for two if I can't do a full three. I've been a bit busy with some of my other pursuits (mainly thrifting) which will be detailed in an upcoming post. Luckily the name of this blog ties in with most of my hobbies, so you may be seeing a few non-bookish posts this summer, in addition to the menagerie of reviews and feature posts.

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas (Kindle edition)
Since it was a Daily Deal awhile back, I decided to pick it up, despite not being particularly interested in most YA books. This one has been hyped so much I just want to read it to say I gave it a shot, much like when I read The Hunger Games (surprisingly excellent, but still not the best book ever).

Currently Reading:

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastards #1) by Scott Lynch
I've been focusing my reading prowess on this one, as I have committed to Kritika's (Snowflakes and Spider Silk) readalong. It's been making me laugh, in the moments when George the cat allows me to read without interruption.

Finished These Books:

In accordance with my goal to read for relaxation this summer, I haven't finished anything. But I've enjoyed every second of relaxing reading, again, when George the lazy polter-cat wasn't distracting me.

In the Blog/Webosphere:

Back in April, I never realized, but Angry Robot Books quoted my review of Unseemly Science on their website. That's the first time I've ever (to my knowledge) had one of my reviews quoted. I'm feeling overly self-congratulatory, like this Tina Fey/Liz Lemon gif:

Other Non-Self-Congratulatory Posts:

Anne's review of Review of On the Edge (The Edge #1) by Ilona Andrews at Addicted 2 Heroines.

And Jazzie's BookCon Experience + May Wrap Up at The Book Dancer.

In My Life:

I bought the deluxe deluxe edition of Florence + The Machine's new CD (How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful) at Target and absolutely adore every track. It is stuck in my head, and I have it playing on my computer as I write the last of this post. It is my exact cup of coffee, and reminds me of The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour album in style.

You may have seen me refer to George as the 'polter-cat' previously on this post. He gained that nickname by sleeping while I'm busy running around the house, and then as soon as I sit down to read, he wakes up and finds something to knock over/make noise with, always in another room, always to make me pay him more attention than my books.

One of his many crimes

Or there might be another explanation for his unusual behavior...


  1. My cat Dresden does the same thing in the evenings when I'm trying to read for a bit before going to bed. It is amazing the amount of trouble he can make in such a small amount of time with very little noise (until the crash or bang of whatever it is he's gotten into or knocked over). I have many names for him when he's being actively disruptive to my peace of mind, including "ninja cat", "monkey cat", and "you little sh*t!" I love him dearly, but I've learned that I can have either houseplants or a cat, not both.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in the 'cat-gone-wild' department. George has been called many names by me when he knocks over things (mostly the garbage, as he has street smarts and wants ALL the food) but polter-cat and you little bastard seem to be the theme, as I'm reading about Gentlemen Bastards. My mom has always had a forest of houseplants and several cats around, but she embraces plastic pots because they're hard to completely ruin.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Rachelle!
      ~Litha Nelle

  2. Throne of Glass!! I absolutely adore that series and I hope you like it as much as I do! Congratulations on being quoted! I got my first quotation in a print book a couple of weeks ago and it was like the best day ever! :D Haha I once heard this saying that cats are like toddlers with larger destruction radi! Judging by George's antics and my own cats I'd have to agree!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I heard so much about Throne of Glass I just *had* to pick it up. It's really hard to know if a hyped book will be your thing or not, but I'm hoping it will be a good read for me.
      Wow, you got quoted in an actual book! Congrats right back at you! I kept getting hits from Angry Robot Books' website, and I finally looked into it (better late than never).
      I'd have to agree that cats are like toddlers- my dogs have finally gotten old enough that they don't get into much trouble or actively seek to bring mayhem to my house. George is trying his best to keep us from becoming sedentary, so I guess it's a plus to have a little yearling cat.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Laura!
      ~Litha Nelle


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