Sunday, June 28, 2015

NQAC: Biweekly Update #13: That '80s Motorhome in the Home Stretch and No Pet Owner Needed

I finally got the drawer in our sideboard/tv stand from my Gone Junkin' post. The glass knobs are reproduction, but it looks great anyway:

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

Garage Sale Finds:

The Collected Stories by Colette, Robert Phelps (Editor), Antonia White (Translator), Matthew Ward (Translator), Anne-Marie Callimachi (Translator), Robert G. Phelps (Editor)

Three Novels & Five Short Stories by Daphne du Maurier (Including: The King's General, The House on the Strand, and The Glass Blowers)

I love both Colette and Daphne du Maurier, so I had to get these.

the-invisible-pile Additions:

The Disappearance by Philip Wylie
I picked up this one because I've been reading a lot of my stockpiles of classic dystopia this year. As described on Goodreads: 'This brilliant classic of speculative fiction imagines the aftermath of an extraordinary global occurrence that forces Earth’s men and women to exist in parallel dimensions.'

Hyperion (Hyperion Cantos #1) by Dan Simmons
This one was recommended to me when I was new to Goodreads (in 2012 or so). I had it on my wishlist/price tracking list on Amazon, and I noticed it was finally a decent price, so I clicked buy.

Currently Reading:

Green Rider (Green Rider #1) by Kristen Britain
This is an old addition to my pile that I have always wanted to read but hadn't gotten around to until now. So far it's almost fairy-tale-ish.

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë

Put Aside for Now:

The History of the Rain by Niall Williams
Just haven't been feeling like reading it lately, so I'll concentrate on the books I do feel capable of finishing.

Finished These Books:

Confessions of a Texan in Tokyo (Texan & Tokyo #3) by Grace Buchele Mineta & Ryosuke Mineta
I pick up these comic/blog-style memoirs whenever they're free for Kindle because I like learning about other cultures. This one in particular has become more interesting since my older brother is dating a lady from Japan, so every time I pick up one of Grace's memoirs I learn a little more about current Japanese culture.

Miss Amelia Lands a Duke (The Caversham Chronicles 0.5) by Sandy Raven
A pretty good prequel novella, as long as you don't mind age gaps between the main characters. It did feel a bit rushed, but overall it was good.

In the Blogosphere:

Kate @ Diary of an Urban Housewife tells how she met her husband, and it made me laugh.

Heather @ Random Redheaded Ramblings explains her obsession with dystopia. If you like any dystopia, just do yourself a favor and click the link.

Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books defends the right to express her opinion, despite it being unpopular with some people.

Keertana @ Ivy Book Bindings is celebrating her third blogoversary with a giveaway!

In My Life:

That '80s Motorhome looks extremely different- we finished painting the inside (cabinets, paneling, and ceiling) but I have to finish painting the doors for the cabinets, as well as the hardware. We also have the upholstery done for the diner booth-thingy, but we're waiting on the invasion of Boxelder bugs to dry up before we move it in.



I also learned my dogs/cat no longer need me as a bed partner. Usually Torrie or George will come up and sleep in my bed, but a few nights ago no pet(s) came to see me in my overheated attic quarters. Upon going downstairs to see what ill fate either one of them had met to not come seek out my company, I stumbled upon this tear-jerking scene:

Apparently, I'm not needed any longer- they have each other (and the cool, air-conditioned living room). All I am to them is free meals and vet care...

                      Until next time,

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