Sunday, September 6, 2015

NQAC: Biweekly Update #17: Writing Like the Wind and a Sad Kitty Tale

Although I haven't been reading too much lately, I've noticed an uptick in my output on the other end of the literary spectrum. I've written more pages for my book (which will likely never be published, for reasons). I would guess I've written more this past week than I have in a month, so there is a surprising upside for my reading drought- I can write fictional things with the greatest of ease.

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):


A Study in Silks (The Baskerville Affair #1) by Emma Jane Holloway
Since I've had a lot of luck with reading steampunk this year, I picked this one up. If it fulfills the premise correctly of having the protagonist being Sherlock Holmes's niece, it could get interesting.

I haven't bought many books in two weeks (well, at least not much by my standards)... although I did just buy Skyrim Legendary Edition since I love that game and wish to play the DLC.

Currently Reading:

The Heart Goes Last (Positron #0) by Margaret Atwood
Despite reviews that have been saying this book is all about the sex lives of the characters, to me it centers around themes of desire and desperation. If you want something you can't have (much like I do much of the time in regards to good health) you grow desperate. Actually, I haven't really found it raunchy at all, which is what I was expecting, but I guess I'm pretty open-minded about things, despite being a Victorian soul.

Finished These Books:

Kesrith (Faded Sun #1) by C.J. Cherryh
You can see my full thoughts in my review, but I really enjoyed it, despite there being some pacing issues when the character perspectives shifted.

In the Blogosphere:

This post by The Avid Book Collector shows the premier example of why you only loan out your precious books to people you trust- with your life.

Anne @ Addicted 2 Heroines reviews The Martian by Andy Weir, which I've been diligently procrastinating about reading since I bought it as an ebook.

Nikki @ There were books involved... professes my exact thoughts on excerpts. How do you feel about them?

Soudha @ Of Stacks and Cups shows us one of the beaches in her home country of Mauritius. And here I thought I was content with mountain life...

Guiltless Reader has some free bookmark printables Jane Austen-esque style for her Bookmark Monday post.

Tracy @ Cornerfolds lists the five types of reviews that annoy her greatly. I definitely agree with some of them!

Bonus Post! Not really a blog, but Book Riot has an awesome article on how book maps are made: Making Maps for Books: Two Cartographers Tell Us How It’s Done

In My Life/On Cat Adoption:

This is a bit of sad news, which I've had too much of lately: you may recall me adopting George the cat back in late May. George is perfectly fine, but they recently had to euthanize every cat at the shelter I adopted him from, due to an outbreak of disease. This is why I'm all about adoption from shelters- you are saving a cat's/kitten's life if you adopt it, instead of getting a 'free' kitten from your neighbor who will go on to continue to populate said shelter because they're too cheap/poor/uneducated about animals to spay and neuter their own pet and stem the crisis. If every owned cat were spayed or neutered, we would still have mountains made of kittens, because we have that many feral/stray cats in the world. So if you want a pet, you'd better adopt it. Then, someday, we might not have enough pets to fill a shelter. That would be amazing.

And yes, I'm still very happy with my choice of pesky Siamese cat, who thinks he's king of the house. I can't imagine what might have happened to him had I not adopted him.

George's Cat Castle, or Catstle. The heart window is his fave.

In happier news, here's an amazing commercial on cat adoption from a shelter that REALLY knows how to sell/adopt out a cat:

When I volunteered at a shelter in Montana, I had to show people the kitties. It is incredibly hard to adopt out cats, even when their adoption cost is much less than their vet bill costs the shelter, because people are like, "Oh, I can get a cat/kitten for free in the paper". Well, you can do that, put in the vet costs, and tell me that is still cheaper. And, your adoption fee keeps the shelter open- adopting out pre-owned cats and dogs is never profitable. I would personally use this method of car-salesman-like behavior to adopt out cats if I find a shelter I can volunteer at again.

Do you experience a boost in other hobbies when you have a reading slump? 

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