Saturday, September 12, 2015

Post #300: So I Guess This Blogging Thing is Going Well?

I always planned to do a "100th Post" post, but apparently my procrastination caught up with me and it's now time for my 300th. I also planned to have a more whimsical post, but since yesterday, I haven't been in a very whimsical mood.

Lately, I've been having more than my share of health/exhaustion problems from travelling to and from Montana, since my grandma has been sick. She saw her doctors about the masses in her breasts the other day, and then on September 11th, (which is a crappy day anyway- it should be mandatory to stay inside with the shades down on that day), my mom and I got to hear that those lumps are cancerous. Grandma said the doctor (in those wonderfully abstract medical advice tidbits) expected her not to die from the cancer, but rather with the cancer. He left the timeline open-ended, but I'm guessing based on the pain she's been having and other health issues, I will likely have more than a few more trips to and from Montana in my near future.

That all doesn't have very much to do with this blog, or my 300th post, but it will likely impact the frequency of my posts, along with putting a damper on my (usually) cheerful moods.

Every one of us on this planet is dying (except fictional characters not penned by George R.R. Martin), but some of us take the scenic route. It's hard when one of those people headed to death's door at a more speedy clip happen to be someone you wish would just get bitten by a vampire and live forever.

Now for some random cat gifs:

I wish George were this timid. He's more likely to bat at you for attention, much like this cat:

I never realized how cute a cat butt wiggle prior to pouncing could be, until I got George.

Now for some dogs and cats: Torrie is actually in charge of George's reprimands, not the other way around, like these two, but he has actually learned how to herd her (and keep her in the room with him- because Torrie is his 'best buddy' [and he is her annoying little brother]) by using her as a rubbing post. Ironic, considering Torrie is a herding dog... and George is a Siamese cat.

I've seen the video version of the below gif enough to know if we get a Robo-vacuum, George's full reign of terror will ensue on my poor dogs. He's only brave enough to bat at them when he's on top of, or under, furniture at the present moment.

                            Until tomorrow,


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother's health. Just the word cancer sends bad shivers down my spine. Know that I am sending virtual hugs your way--and positive thoughts. I imagine it can't be easy for you or your family.

    Breast cancer runs in my family. Both of my grandmothers had it and my mother too. Fortunately, in all of those cases the doctors were able to remove the cancer (in my two grandmothers' cases, their entire breasts). I kind of just take it as a given that I will sometime get it too. Hopefully before it gets to the point where it will take my life.

    1. My grandma's mom had breast cancer, and Grandma June had breast cancer previously, so it wasn't a big surprise, but we would have rather had a nicer surprise, like the masses were benign. Thanks for the virtual hugs, they help! :)
      It's kind of funny, because my grandma's grandma had breast cancer and had a breast removed before my grandmother was of impressionable age, Grandma June grew up thinking every woman had a single breast, with the second one being foam and ornamental. In her mother's case, she used it as a pincushion. I wish there were a simple cancer cure in this world, rather than all the more difficult options the medical field has available now.
      Thanks for stopping by and lending support, Literary Feline!
      ~Litha Nelle

    2. Whoops, Grandma's mother, not grandma's grandma.


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