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Fortnightly Update #18: The Bookish Adventures of a Wobbly-Legged Reader

Although my mom went up to Montana this weekend to see my grandmother, I chose to stay home due to my leg issues, which make it extremely difficult for me to get anywhere. I used to be able to use a walker and not have my knees failing as much, but now it appears as though that was a short-lived endeavor. I use my cane because the walker is difficult to maneuver, and since my house is traditional in style (i.e. walled in, not open concept), it's easy for me to prop myself up against something if I'm having a spasm-fest with my legs.

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

the-pile Additions:

I ordered some (MORE) books from Better World Books- three I already own as ebooks and have read, two new-to-me books.

Previously Read and Reviewed (Links to Reviews):
Magic Bites (Kate Daniels #1) by Ilona Andrews
Magic Burns (Kate Daniels #2) by Ilona Andrews
Burn for Me (Hidden Legacy #1) by Ilona Andrews
I reread Magic Bites in August, and I recently reread Magic Burns. I'm considering rereading the rest of the Kate Daniels series just because it cheers me up a lot to watch the magical struggles of a snarky heroine.

New Blood by Old Favorites:
The Inimitable Jeeves (Jeeves #2) by P.G. Wodehouse
I've been searching for this one (high and low) as I can't find a free Kindle version of it (I don't think it's public domain yet). Now that I have it, I'm pretty excited to read it, given My Man Jeeves (the first and only P.G. Wodehouse I've read) was a surprise 5-star read for me last year.

The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman
I like collecting Alice Hoffman books- especially as physical copies. Perhaps it's because that's how I've read 90% of the her books, or because I like adding to the Alice Hoffman shelf in my library. I've heard great things about this book, but I'll try not to make my expectations of it too large to meet.

the-invisible-pile Additions:

Bloodchild: And Other Stories by Octavia E. Butler
This is a monthly Kindle deal for September- it's available for $1.99 on Amazon US. I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I've been binging on Octavia E. Butler's work as soon as I get my hands on it. Since I am almost finished with Seed to Harvest (the Patternmaster series) I needed another ebook of hers to add to my stash.

The Fire's Stone by Tanya Huff
I've also been hoarding Tanya Huff's books this year, and since I can't seem to find faults with her characterizations, I chose to pick up this ebook of hers (also a Kindle monthly deal- more $$ at $2.99). I don't think I've read any M/M fantasy romance before so this might be interesting.

The Moon in the Palace (Empress of Bright Moon #1) by Weina Dai Randel
I am always on the lookout for historical fiction set in different parts of the world for my Travel the World in Books Challenge, and also for my own education. This was a Kindle Daily Deal, and so it didn't take much coercion for me to snatch it up.

Ravished by Amanda Quick
I think I've read one book by Amanda Quick before and liked it, though at the moment I can't remember precisely which one. I bought this to add to my stockpile of historical/regency romance which make up my "happy books" (I usually need a book with a guaranteed Happily Ever After after reading something dark).

Currently Reading:

My version is a compilation of No Quarter and The Quartered Sea, but I only plan on reading No Quarter. Despite the genuine, vintage, fantasy cover (marbled teal and pink- nice touch), it isn't a great representation of the contents. Vree is back to her assassin-in-charge self.

Finished These Books:

I wrote up a review of this one, but in a nutshell- I liked the book, but not the hero, because he whined throughout it. I also didn't like his philosophical whining at the end. Those considerations may be due to the fact that I can't walk well at all right now, but also... he was whiny.

I was a bit surprised that I liked this one so much- Vree is a heroine I relate to, despite the fact I've never had incestuous thoughts. <That is better explained in my full review.

Clay's Ark (Patternmaster #3) by Octavia E. Butler
This has little to do with the previous books, instead, it's about a family who is kidnapped and taken to a remote farm by people suffering an odd disease. I hope to review this one, but I have a lot of books in my to-review pile.

I felt about the same way about this book as I did the last Kate Daniels book (Magic Shifts)- it didn't quite reach five stars, but it was epic all the same. Hopefully I'll have a more eloquent review written before its release date.

This was a surprise 5 Star read for me- I had thought I might rate it 3 Stars going in, but it surpassed my expectations... and also made me realize I'm obsessed with Gothic Horror.

My least favorite of the past few weeks, only because the ending was lingering and dramatic when I wanted it to be short and sweet. I'll have to write my own historical romance someday...

I was really, really impressed with this book- but I wished Elizabeth was more the focus (since she wrote it) instead of the Lincolns (who I'm fairly ambivalent about [*shivers* politicians]). I was never once bored while reading this book- a feat, as usually I find parts of memoirs on the dry side.

In the Blogosphere:

I have read all the books these past few weeks, but I haven't read all the blogs- next Fortnightly Update I should have some posts to share.

In My (Medical Mystery) Life:

I need this pig in my life
All the test results I've had so far are completely normal, leading my doctor to scratch her head and bring in another doctor to try and find something wrong with me. They're a bit puzzled by my walking, which appears to be a nerve issue and not a muscular one, which might lead them in the right direction. As I mentioned in my Month in Review, I'm having my blood tested for toxins to make sure I'm not inadvertently being poisoned. My mom and I have rolled our eyes at that theory, but I suppose anything is possible. I think my dogs and cat (who accompany me pretty much everywhere) would also be ill if I was being poisoned by my passions, given Keisha the Dorkie is 10 lbs and prone to playing baby whenever she's the least bit ill (a thorn in the paw can lead to her limping the day away- even after the thorn is removed). Nonetheless, I'm glad they're taking me seriously.

 The only outstanding medical issue I can think of at this point is my syrinx, which is a defect in my spinal cord which they found when I was approximately 16 years old and we were fishing for why I had chronic stomach pain (which I still have). At the time, my neurologist assumed it was congenital and wouldn't affect my health, but it could be a cause to what I'm experiencing, which is why I'm having new MRIs done of my spine. Honestly, I hope it isn't anything to do with that and it's something more treatable (or even curable), because I would just like to walk normally again.

Have you read any nonfiction recently?


  1. I am at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to Alice Hoffman. I have loved what I've read by her, but have read so few of her books as of yet. The Museum of Extraordinary Things sounds like it will be good. The Moon in the Palace caught my eye too, although I didn't buy a copy. I probably should have while it was on sale. I also came close to getting Ravished by Amanda Quick, but held back.

    I am way behind in responding to comments and hope to do some catching up since I won't be blogging. We'll see though. The best laid plans and all that . . .

    I hope you do get some answers soon and it turns out to be treatable. I'm thinking of you.

    1. Once I know I like an author's writing, I tend to buy out their previous works and read those instead of moving on to a new author. I think I started doing that because there was less risk I wouldn't like the book. I finished Ravished the other day, and it was cute but nothing extraordinary in the historical romance category (then again, I'm a rather harsh judge).

      I hope you enjoy your blogging break and catch up on things! I'm not sure where my medical misadventures will lead, but I hope I have something curable as well.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Wendy!
      ~ Litha Nelle

  2. I don't think I have seen a bad review for The Museum Of Extraordinary Things. My original blogging buddy liked it and she was a diehard YA reader. I found a free ebook of My Man Jeeves! A friend of mine gifts copies of Frankenstein for baby showers and tells them it is a manual on how not to parent. XD I haven't read it in years and years, so I should add it to my rereads list for next year. Still sending good energies that you will get some relief from your leg troubles.

    1. Oh- Frankenstein would be a good one for that purpose! It was funny, because I didn't think I would like it much, but halfway through it was very hard to stop reading. I hope you enjoy My Man Jeeves- it's another classic that tricked me into liking it. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, La La!
      ~ Litha Nelle


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