Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016: A Eulogy

Today I'm ready to bury this year and not recall most of it, though some of the difficulties I've had this year will continue to bleed their way into the fresh field of dandelion fluff that is 2017. Because it's been such a tumultuous year, I feel it's only right to say my peace about it before letting it fade into memory.

2016 was an okay year for me until about midway through. In July, I was having such difficulties with my arm being a "zombie"- having intense pins and needles sensations constantly while trying to convince doctors that there was actually something wrong with me was a bit stressing. I had no idea that a mere 20 days after my 24th birthday I would be unable to walk without a cane or other aid to assist me. Then it was even more stressful trying to find an answer as to why my walking was so off. Medically speaking, it wasn't a very good year for normal function for me.

Keisha at her cutest and Dorkie-est
I always thought I'd have Keisha, my Dorkie (Dachshund Yorkie mix), until she was 12 or 14 years old, but when her heart began to fail, nothing I or the vet did seemed to help her. I knew her diagnosis of congestive heart failure was serious, but I thought she'd continue to be my couch buddy for at least another few years. Once her breathing deteriorated to the point she was barely scraping by, and she wouldn't move or eat, I knew it was time to let her go.

My grandma has fallen twice this year- fracturing both of her hips and getting 3 screws in one of them. She's 90 years old, but even though I've spent the most time with her of any of my grandmothers, I never want to not be able to go visit her in Montana.

On the positive side of things:

My minion army of plants and flowers spent a ridiculous amount of time alive before being slain by the snow. Because I had such a nice flower screen, I spent a bunch of time outside, with Keisha. I'm so glad her final summer with us was spent in the sunshine.

I read a lot of longer books this year- my page count was 2000 pages more than it was last year, according to Goodreads, even though I read 4 fewer books.

I ordered many (many) books this year from Better World Books, discovering many that I wouldn't have been able to find in my local stores.

Today we went to the shelter and adopted a dog named Princess, who we're rechristening Leia (for obvious reasons). She can't come home with us until the 3rd because she needs spayed (she was used for someone as their breeding dog, and they didn't come for her at the shelter even though they knew she was there), but from what I've seen of her in the shelter, she'll be perfect for us. If all goes well and she gets along with Torrie and George, we will be outnumbered by animals again.

In a month, I will be visiting a diagnostician at the University of Utah Neurology Clinic. Hopefully they'll have some answers and solutions for my walking and other issues.

Is anyone else ready for 2017?


  1. I'm so happy you've decided to adopt another dog :) It's really strange to think that Carrie Fisher is really gone. I just went to see Rogue One and seeing her younger self on screen after she had just died was kind of disconcerting. Hopefully your 2017 will be much better than the last half of 2016 :)

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. I am too! Leia completely lives up to her name. I was so sad when I heard about Carrie Fisher- I haven't seen Rogue One, but I plan to soon. Princess Leia was one of my idols growing up. I hope your 2017 is amazing as well!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Laura!
      ~Litha Nelle

  2. Yes! I am ready, ready, ready for 2017. Nothing will change here at home, but I hope to see some radical changes in the world now that the Liberal's eyes have been opened to all the nasty stuff that has been lurking in the shadows. It has been like living in the Twiight Zone since Trump became the Republican nominee. I saw that Charles Manson has been taken to the hospital because he is seriously ill. Maybe this year the bad guys will be the ones dying.

    Yay to your university visit being close on the horizon! Sending all the good energies. Much love to the new puppy wuppers. <3

    1. I am ready for 2017 too. I think despite the political choices of the electoral college, Mr. Trump won't have an easy time of getting his way. I lost respect for a great many politicians who flip flopped their opinion of him once he became the nominee- I mean, really? Those folks have no convictions. I hope more good comes of 2017 than came of 2016, because I couldn't stand another repeat of last year. 8O
      Princess Leia sends her fondest wishes for 2017. ;)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, La La!
      ~Litha Nelle


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