Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fortnightly Update #25: The Odd Case of the Cat Condo

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

the-pile Additions:

The Time Weaver (Drakon #5) by Shana Abe
This is another of Shana Abe's fantasy romances, which I am slightly addicted to. I like romance books that are have unique worldbuilding.

the-invisible-pile Additions:

The Forever War (The Forever War #1) by Joe Haldeman
This was for sale as a Kindle version for $0.25- and also it qualifies for my Vintage Sci-fi Month challenge in January. I enjoy older sci-fi.

Grace, Gold, and Glory: My Leap of Faith by Gabrielle Douglas with Michelle Burford
Generally, I don't read memoirs, but when it comes to Gabrielle Douglas, I, like many Americans, have become a fan. And fans read memoirs, especially when they are on sale for cheap.

Currently Reading:

Not much at all! I keep jumping from book to book because I'm in a "bah humbug" mood- I keep finding fault/getting sad with the books I read. I need to find a happy book that I don't find absurd/can't find fault with.

Finished These Books:

One thing that stuck out to me about this book is that the hero is definitely not your average regency romance hero. I can't recall what made me downgrade the rating on this one, but I likely found something fishy about the hero's interactions with the heroine- he was a bit on the creepy side.

A Christmas Dance by Alissa Johnson
I think this one was a bit too rushed for me- it was a cute novella, but I wanted a bit more from it.

In My Life (The Odd Case of the Cat Condo):

George in the cheap cat condo
As I mentioned in my month in review, I had to put Keisha down at the end of November. Although I still have one dog (Torrie) and a cat (George), our house seems so quiet without Keisha, who liked to interject her barking commentary in the many mundane events of our household when she was still well. Keisha had a few odd and downright puzzling traits- one of them being her love of crates and den-like areas. When my mom and I adopted George, we got him a little cheap cat condo that he seemed to ignore. Keisha loved his cat condo. When George would chase her, she hid in it (which is not very good logic, but Keisha wasn't the most logical- hiding from a cat in a cat condo). A few days after I put her down, George started using it as his own again- as if he had respected Keisha's wishes and not used it while she was alive because it was "hers". I find this unusual in part because George liked to steal Keisha's place in her pink fluffy bed on my bed, and yet the cat condo, which was originally intended for his own use, was left for Keisha. My misfit animals have always had a strange way of getting along.

What books are you reading this week? Do your pets have an odd hierarchy?


  1. Aww... George, oh sweet. Their is no hierarchy in our house right now because we only have our cat Attie, but before her mother passed away she used to have this special meow she used to get her mother to come and wash her. She was spoiled. It was sad after her mother, Lucy, passed because she would call for her to come and wash her. It made me cry. Every once in a while she still does it. :(

    1. Oh, that's so sad, but sweet. Attie sounds like a nice cat, despite her spoilage. George thinks Torrie is his BFF and/or mother, and Torrie usually acts like he's the annoying little brother, and he does like to have one-sided conversations with her. He has a contented/I love you so much meow that he sometimes uses to elicit licks on his head (he will put his head in front of Torrie until she licks it- I was surprised she actually granted his wish, because she can be a bit of a tough love girl). I'm so glad I have both of them right now.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing, La La!
      ~Litha Nelle


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