Sunday, February 26, 2017

Fortnightly Update #29: Internet Woes

This is take two on this post- I've had internet problems for a couple months now, but this time it's been so bad we actually called in for a service person to stop by and look at it- and of course, since we live in an old house, the wiring is outdated and loose. He tacked it down for us, and it appears to be working nicely, given my post was actually saving yesterday- last Saturday, it didn't, and I didn't find that out until I logged onto Blogger to find this post form blank and untitled. I may have shed a few tears.

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

the-pile Additions:


the-invisible-pile Additions:


...I did, however, pre-order a few books, but I'll be talking about those whenever I get them.

Currently Reading:

It turns out the internet is awesome at keeping me on track with reading books. While the internet was down, I took to writing my own instead of reading more- which is great, as I usually can't write a bunch of pages with ease like I did.

Finished These Books:

For once, I have zero books to fill this category. I've read a bit of a lot of books, but nothing is catching my interest (not even books by my favorite authors, which usually pull me out of slumps with ease).

In My Life:

A handy little syrinx infographic I made with my MRI- your spinal cord (the dark tube space) isn't supposed to have white stuff/syrinxes in it.

I went to my second appointment at University of Utah to find out one of the things I dealt with before might actually be causing the syrinx in my spine. I had adhesions binding up my intestines when I was about 16 years old- which were only found because they suspected I might have endometriosis with all my odd stomach pain (I didn't). Those same adhesions can be built in your spine and cause a syrinx (adhesions usually built up in your body because of trauma, etc., but mine had no known cause). Because of this, I get to have a CT myelogram, where they put dye in your spine to see if any adhesions are there (because MRIs can't see them). Because my case is a bit odd- I have spastic walking, yet my reflexes are normal, they also want to have nerve conduction studies on all my limbs to rule out anything else causing my odd walk. Since I already had one on my left arm pre-odd-walking due to what I referred to as its zombie state (really difficult to feel/grasp things), I'm much less nervous about my four limb test than I am about my CT myelogram.

In summation to this long medical spiel- after all the tests are done, we may have a definitive answer to why I can't walk well, which is encouraging. I did learn that I've lost a bunch of sensitivity in my hands, which may explain why I have a hard time typing/holding things/living life sometimes.

What kind of REALLY makes me mad is knowing people who are ill and are trying to get help like I am are being scoped out by federal agents due to their immigration status. When you're chronically ill and grasping at any possible medical solution to your problems, the very last thing you need in your life is more stress. I usually avoid political stuff in my posts, but this sort of thing hits very close to home for me- and should also be a non-political topic. I don't care where you're from- everyone deserves respect and peace in hospitals.

What have you been reading lately? If it's good (and slump-busting worthy) I think I need to hear about it.


  1. I hope that they're able to find out what is going on soon! As for the immigration thing, I completely agree. Hospitals are there for sick people that need help, and folks should be able to get help no matter their circumstances (especially if they can pay it, then what do they care?) I've had a few overnight hospital stays and I honestly can't stand it. :(

    As for good book recommendations, I really recommend The Bear and the Nightingale! It's a really great retelling of Father Frost, a Russian fairy tale. It's a Dark Fantasy with a lot of magic and mythical creatures and I absolutely loved it!

    Hopefully the reading slump passes soon as well! I'm glad to see a new post and hope that you're doing well.

    1. I hope so too! It made me so mad to think most of her progress medically might dissolve once they get her through the legal process- I'm finding that most doctors have wanted to re-diagnose me and re-test me rather than rely on other hospital's information. :(

      I'll have to look into the Bear and the Nightingale- I love fairytale retellings. Especially considering I'm not too familiar with Russian fairy tales.

      Thanks for stopping by and recommending a book, Jamie!
      ~Litha Nelle

  2. Oh my goodness I've also had it happen once where my post wasn't saving and then my computer randomly shut down so everything was lost! It was a discussion post too and once you write those once, it's the most annoying thing in the world to write them again.

    That's good news that you'll hopefully get a definitive answer on what's been going on! Wishing all the best for you, Litha.

    I totally agree with you on the politics. While I try to keep my blog and social media out of politics, some of the events recently have been really disturbing and I really hope people understand how horrible it all really is. It may not seem that way when it's happening to someone else but if it were you, then you'd understand, you know? I just wish there were more sympathy in the world and, quite frankly, basic decency.

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

    1. Yes, discussion posts always make me feel a bit self-conscious, like what if no one comments??? I can see that would be really frustrating. I had thought it may have been a blogger bug, but no, my internet was just playing tricks on me.

      On Twitter, I let myself politically tweet my little heart out, but on other platforms (this blog, Facebook, etc.) I try to restrain myself. I don't like sounding ranty, but when someone is in such a similar situation as I am, it feels really personal. Basic decency shouldn't be so hard to attain, should it?
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Laura!
      ~Litha Nelle

  3. I hope all the imaging helps out with them finding a way to help you. . I was without a Kindle tablet for about a week, and it kept me off social media and I got a massive amount of reading done; but did that keep me from going right back at it after the new one arrived? No. Ha ha. :)

    1. I hope so too! That myelogram wasn't much fun but at least it's over with! I'm hoping to have more energy/good days now that the hard test (and unfun recovery) is done and my blogiversary is looming. I hope you're having fun with your new Kindle!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, La La!
      ~Litha Nelle


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