Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sorry About the Comments Conundrum

I've been fooling around, trying desperately to change my comments to Disqus, so everyone can comment. Unfortunately for this blog, Disqus is a pain in the butt to install, and so my sole comment from my Google+ comment days was lost in the switch to my current comment field: Blogger comments. My sincerest apologies to the person whose comment got erased in the switch. 

The Result:
Anyone without a Google+ profile is now free to comment, even if you don't leave an email. You are pretty much free to say anything, except...

I will purposefully erase your comment if:
It has an f-bomb(s), sexist slurs, or derogatory words. No tolerance for that.
The comment is disrespectful, or attacks the character of someone without cause.
If it is comprised mainly of swear words and doesn't add anything to the conversation.
The comment has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote.
The comment is about your website/blog and is UNRELATED to my post.

Your comment is fine, if:
The comment contains a link to a post on a similar topic. Including your websites.
The comment disagrees with what I had to say, in a respectful manner.
The comment disagrees with a fellow commentator's comment, in a respectful manner.
The comment implies that someone's character isn't the best, with cause. (i.e. the person was tried and prosecuted as a murder, rapist, ect.)
The comment is helpful.
The comment is not helpful, but is really funny.
The comment is within the realms of possibility in terms of relating to my post.

Swear Words:
Everyone uses them, but not as every other word, and no f-bombs. Keep it clean, people. I have time-traveled from an age where ladies rarely hear them: the Victorian era. *winks*

So, feel free to express yourself, now that the Evil Empire (Google+ comments) has been overthrown. I will always try to comment back, no matter how many walks my dogs try to take me on.

~Litha Nelle

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