Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday Fun 5: Stages of Reading a Bad Book

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I've decided to mix up my Sundays, with "Confessions of an Insomniac Book Devourer" every other Sunday, with this filling the void during its absence. Hope you enjoy the Sunday Fun Five!

Sunday Fun Five #1:

The 5 Stages of Reading a Bad Book

1. Excitement

You can't wait to read this book. The cover's gorgeous, the premise enthralling, and the advanced praise is poetic. Sure, it may have gotten a few bad reviews, but everyone's a critic these days, right? Your hands itch to pick up the cover and delve in.

2. Frequent Coffee/Tea Breaks

You aren't quite sure why, but only two pages in, you have a craving for your favorite caffeinated beverage. You read another page, and suddenly you remember you forgot to walk the dog(s). And then soon after that, you find yourself surfing GoodReads for newer, more interesting books...

3. Shock and Denial

Yes, I had pixie hair... once.
You can't believe your literary gut feeling has led you wrong. I mean, you haven't even finished it, and yet you can't believe it can be this awful... or can it? You persevere, giving it your all to read to the end...

4. The Visceral Reaction

How could your gut be so... wrong? You've finished, and there's that subtle taste of revulsion on your tongue. You feel queasy about the fact that you didn't listen to all those negative reviews...

5. The Manic Mouse

Now that you know about how terrible it truly is, you go to your favorite book review site (Amazon, Goodreads, ect.), and spout your vehemence of the book's secret awfulness. After writing your own view, you laugh maniacally as you click "like" on every single negative critique.

So, what do you think? Is Sunday Fun Five boring or brilliant? What do you do when you read a bad book?

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