Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Summoned (Summoned #1)" by Rainy Kaye

This book caught me off guard. I assumed for $0.99, you get what you pay for, which shouldn't be much, especially in the paranormal romance category. I bought it on a whim, and then decided to glance at the first pages. Which led me to glancing at the first few chapters. Which led to me putting aside the books that I've promised to review (which rarely happens), but just until The Summoned had a lull.

There was no lull. I repeat- this book was $0.99, and there was NO "LULL" of any kind, to be found.
My face after reading:------->

I'm not one to highly rate romance, especially paranormal, which is generally full of over-hyped books. But this one was exceptional. At times, it felt more urban fantasy than paranormal romance. I found myself snickering at the protagonist's vivid humor, and enjoying the misadventures of a hit-man/genie.

The Plot:
Dimitri Hayes is a genie. Unfortunately, his master, Karl Walker, doesn't just get three wishes, he has infinite ones. In addition to that misfortune, Dimitri doesn't get any magic powers, other than an incessant hum in his head that worsens every minute he doesn't complete a wish, and the ability to immediately appear in the summoning chamber whenever his master wants something else from him. This happens quite frequently. It wouldn't be too bad, but his master could be called "evil", so a regular wish involves either kidnapping or killing someone. This also leaves Dimitri with either too much or too little time on his hands, with no way to regulate a social life, since there are no vacations for genies. So he becomes a one-night-stand practitioner, at least until he meets Syd, the girl of his dreams. But the question remains, will he ever be free?

I adored the this book, and thought it would definitely top four stars, for its action-packed and witty plot. And then I reached the sex scenes. I didn't mind them, at first, because they were steamy. But there comes a point where I'm secretly wishing they would just stop already, or the author would cut the scene, because I'd rather read about Dimitri going around like a mafia man than hear about the Syd's scanty and sensual clothes (or should I say lingerie?). I understand it- they're practically rabbits in springtime, they don't believe in commitment, so on, and so forth. But really must we, the reader, hear every detail of their sex lives?

This book is still exceptional, despite a few typos and gratuitous sex. I've never put much thought into the genie myth, or the consequences that might befall a genie in the modern world, as the author so artfully laid out. For me to never reach a "lull" in the plot speaks strongly of the writer's ability to maintain tension, and a sense of action, even in mundane moments where Dimitri is going about his daily tasks. It is rare to find a book I don't want to put down, but this one was glued to my hands, despite distractions.

Rating: 3.5 of 5 stars, for an unexpected urban genie yarn that never bores the reader!

Content: Paranormal Romance featuring sex, kidnapping, and murder. Ages 18+.

Page Count: 237 pages of action-packed goodness.


  1. I haven't read many genie books and definitely not from the male POV. I think the non stop sex would bother me too but it still sounds like a bargain at .99!

    I love when those impulse purchases pay off. I fell less guilty lol

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

    1. The sex scenes you can always skim over, I just thought there were too many for such a small book- and I would've rather the author put more focus on the genie plot. Of course, most people on Goodreads have rated it 4+ stars. I guess it's a matter of taste.
      Thanks for commenting!


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