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SFF: The 5 Things Book Bloggers are Most Thankful For

The Sunday Fun Five #15

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A Countdown of

The 5 Things Book Bloggers are Most Thankful For

5. The Awesome Authors Who Use Internet Etiquette 
For every Kathleen Hale, there are a thousand or more reasonable human beings who also happen to be authors. And although they may feel a sharp stab in the gut from a one star review, they don't fixate on the person, try to find their house, and then write a whiny article about it. They move on, get better reviews, write another book, and forget the person who didn't like their first one. They also don't spam Goodreads groups' with their books in the non-promotional areas. Or maybe in a more perfect world they wouldn't.
Thank you, awesome authors!

4. Gifs
Although I sometimes hate to use them (they're hard to ignore), gifs are probably the most effective way of communicating one's feelings about a book (or anything, really). Because book bloggers are rarely seen beyond their about pages, adding a gif often gives your review a lot of personality without having your followers read a word you write. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a gif is worth a million or more.
Thank you for inventing the 'jif', Steve Wilhite!

3. Every Follower, New or Old
There's something innately comforting about having followers. It means that even if a random googler doesn't come across my reviews looking for book gifs, maybe someone else will actually stop by on my off days. It also means when I make an unintentional spelling or grammar error in my posts, I use my super-speed OCD to correct it.
Thank you, amazing followers!

2. Advanced Reading Copies/Post-Publication Review Copies
To be honest, as cool as it is to be able to read something the public cannot read yet (ARCs), it's just as awesome to be sent a review copy of a book you're excited about reading that's previously been published. Review copies mean when I'm strapped for cash and my pile looks uninteresting, my mind can still devour and review books without having to eat Ramen everyday.
Thanks for the books, publishing houses and indie authors!

Sometimes I wonder if I'd even be compelled to blog without comments. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing it, but sometimes you wonder if anyone is actually reading what you wrote. Maybe all those page views are from bots- maybe your writing bores people half to death and they fall asleep dreaming that if they keep clicking the mouse they'll win a million bucks. Maybe someone accidentally hit the 1+ or like button of your post. Without comments, blogs would basically be public journals on which the person who writes it becomes the supreme authority, and I would also feel like I'm talking to myself right now. With comments in the world, there may be naysayers and trolls, but there's also a lot of 'Great post!' that inspires more reading and writing on the book blogger's part.
A huge thank you to all my commenters!

What are you thankful for in the book blogging community? What things do you think book bloggers couldn't live without?

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