Thursday, November 13, 2014

"Trinity (The Koldun Code #1)" by Sophie Masson

I received this ebook for free via NetGalley, but in no way did it affect my literary taste buds. This critique is my honest opinion.

Book One of The Koldun Code Series

Expected Publication: November 13th, 2014

I have to say this is the first book I've obtained to review that I've seriously considered DNFing- the beginning just rubbed me the wrong way. This book has main characters that kind of have a 'love at first sight' connection: it isn't instalove, per se, but something close to instant emotional bond. As a plot-motivated reader, I was more interested in the mysterious deaths of the Trinity leaders than I was the romance, and usually I don't mind romance- it just wasn't my type of romance.

Another thing I noticed in the beginning were the strange conversation patterns between the two lovers- I've never been to Russia, but in America, when you say "Oh, Alexey," in a conversation, it begets images of black and white movies or soft-focus-lens soap operas. With the heroine swooning in a full-skirted dress, in the hero's arms. And soft violin music swirling in the background. Those are the images that came to mind that made me want to DNF.

The Plot: (Synopsis from Goodreads)
'I am in a world deeply strange and strangely deep, a world as different from my old life as it's possible to be, and it feels completely natural.
'An unexpected encounter with a handsome stranger in a Russian wood changes the life of 22-year-old traveler Helen Clement forever, catapulting her into a high-stakes world of passion, danger, and mystery. Tested in ways she could never have imagined, she must keep her own integrity in a world where dark forces threaten and ruthlessness and betrayal haunt every day.
'Set against a rising tide of magic and the paranormal in a modern Russia where the terrifying past continually leaks into the turbulent present, Trinity is a unique and gripping blend of conspiracy thriller, erotically charged romance and elements of the supernatural, laced with a murderous dose of company politics. With its roots deep in the fertile soil of Russian myth, legend, and history, it is also a fascinating glimpse into an extraordinary, distinctive country and amazingly rich culture.'

As I said, I more than considered DNFing due to the characters not being my type- but I read on (past 30%) and became more invested in the plot once it actually thickened. All three of Trinity's previous leaders had been mysteriously killed in ways that defied the laws of nature, but Alexey takes up the mantle of leader to help keep the loyal employees at their jobs despite the obvious danger. Usually I find fault with the heroes of romance-infused books, but this time there was nothing not to like- but Helen and his insta-connection never made sense to me, and I couldn't see what really zinged them together.

Helen reminded me of a heroine (who will remain anonymous) from an uber-popular series for the first half of the book. She seemed very open to love despite having come to Russia to escape memories of an awful relationship, and fell for Alexey hard. I understand the merits of their relationship, I just don't understand why she would place her trust so easily in the mysterious Alexey's hands after that bad a breakup. She isn't the strongest heroine, but I can see changes for the better in her by the end of the book.

It should be noted I learned a bit about Russian folklore by reading this, a treat in any novel set in a foreign country. Bears seemed to feature strongly, for reasons not divulged until the end. Many of the twists the story took I did not predict, which also makes this a more interesting read.

Trinity may start slowly, but the last fifty percent flew by with no conscious effort on my part. The ending. while not a cliffhanger, does to some extent leave you hanging and wanting more. If you're looking for a paranormal-infused romantic thriller set in Russia, this may be the book for you.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars for a good story, once it begins.

Content: Ages 18+ for violence and non-explicit sex scenes.

Page Count: I cannot find a mention of page count as of now- I guess it's a mystery.

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