Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fortnightly Update #3: Book Buying Relapses and a #FeelPaperFeb Progress Report

I've been browsing the internet for the best prices on certain books I desired to add to my pile, and recently came across a smorgasbord of them. As I am hardly resistant to bookish temptations, I bought them all- a total of 12 books that should arrive at my doorstep by the end of February (if they don't go the way of that book I "won" on one of those Goodreads giveaways and never arrive).

Recent Acquisitions (or the Piling of the-Piles):

the-pile Additions:

Vision in Silver (The Others #3) by Anne Bishop
This finally became available in mass market paperback, and since this is Feel the Paper Love February, I decided to buy it. I'm reading it now to take a break from my heavier TBR picks for Feel the Paper Love February.

the-invisible-pile Additions:

Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I collected this for my Travel the World in Books challenge- let's hope it mustn't languish much longer than a month. Books set in Nigeria can be a bit difficult to come by.

Currently Reading:

Vision in Silver (The Others #3) by Anne Bishop
(See above for cover pic). So far it's good, but I'm struggling with holding my shiny new mass market paperback. I am anti-spine-cracking, but it does get tempting, since my hands hurt (more than usual) from holding it.

Finished These Books:

Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs (links to my review)
Some male characters just aren't my thing. I vacillated on this book for a long time- it's a good read, it just wasn't the best read for me.
Rating: 3 Stars

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Oh, what fun! A video game book! Enough '80s references to complete an encyclopedia! Unfortunately, perhaps a tad too many on that count. But it was still fun to read!
Rating: 4ish Stars

A Rogue by Any Other Name (The Rules of Scoundrels #1) by Sarah MacLean
I had read and felt 'meh' about another of Sarah MacLean's books, but assumed if I gave one of her other books a shot I'd like it. That wasn't the case- I will be more aware of my proclivities next time- her books just aren't for me.
Rating: 2 Stars

Thorn by Intisar Khanani
I completely spaced having read this one- so I'll just add it in now. Generally I stay away from YA fantasy, but this fairytale retelling of the Goose Girl was a delight. Someday I'll get around to reviewing it.
Rating: 4ish Stars

Virtuous Scoundrel (The Regency Romp Trilogy #2) by Maggie Fenton
I read the previous book in this series and was hooked. I love romances that don't take themselves too seriously, and that was the case with this book.
Rating: 4 Stars

Feel the Paper Love February Reads:

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
So now I can say I read Pride and Prejudice! It wasn't quite what I expected but it was a worthwhile read- I think watching all the P&P movie/tv series remakes may have done me in, because I knew everything to do with the story. However, it does have the most beautiful scene I've 'seen' in a classic novel. That counts for something.
Rating; 4 Stars

***Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston***
Second five star read of my year (I'm on a roll)! Weirdly enough, way back when I watched the movie version of this on tv (because Halle Berry was in it), but I didn't notice the similarities until the end. I could decide if I should rate this five stars or not, as there are moments in this book that are just plain ugly- however, it's too beautifully written not to. This will be another one of those books that stick with me a long time.
Rating: 5 Stars!

In the Blogosphere:

At Red Star Reviews, book blogging becomes a family affair with a review of Roverandom by J.R.R. Tolkien.

As usual, Ceilidh @ Bibliodaze has my thoughts exactly on this article: Your Fave Is Problematic: Navigating The Gap Between Art & Artist. It's a difficult path to travel.

Melanie @ Brewing Up Books has a discussion (Discussion: No, the Last Movie Shouldn’t Be Two Parts) that tickled my fancy.

Wendy @ Musings of a Bookish Kitty reveals her Bookish Thoughts on The Evening Spider by Emily Arsenault.

Rachelle @ Fortified by Books reviews The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry, which makes me want a time travel machine so I could go back and pick it up as a Kindle Daily Deal.

Erin @ The Paperback Stash reviews The Child Thief by Brom. I heard of this book somewhere else but can't remember where...

Kritika @ Snowflakes and Spider Silk posts DiverSFFy: Karen Memory, a book that's been on my radar for a while now.

Kind of Self-Promo:
I preserved the honor of the House of Gryffindor by winning the House Cup @ Fortified by Books (curated by Rachelle). Litha is our king, anyone?

In My Life:

I couldn't get wrist braces due to my doctor's and my error, so I'll be waiting a month or two to get back in- I may end up constructing my own. My hands, for once in my life, are no longer the hot, sweltering things of my youth (I had serious issues with that until I went on different meds). I'm thinking of knitting fingerless gloves and reinforcing them with plastic or something. My doctor had implied the wrist braces may stop the severe, intermittent nerve pain in my fingers, which I've had since I was 16-17 years old, and which has been a recent insomnia-causer. I'll do pretty much anything to get rid of pain... as long as it's legal.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, fellow Americans! Happy February 7th to everyone else!


  1. Thanks for mentioning my review, and especially for participating in Harry Potter Book Night :)

    1. You're welcome, Rachelle... I mean, Rowena! It was fun!
      ~Litha Nelle/Lily Nott

  2. I was about halfway through Pride and Prejudice before I put it aside for another book and forgot to pick it back up again. It just didn't grab my attention the way I was hoping it would. Enjoy your recent acquisitions ;-)

    1. That's true- unless you're really set on reading it, it is easy to put down. I just wanted to finish it since I've had it on my shelves forever and a day. I would read it again just for one of the scenes, though!
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      ~Litha Nelle

  3. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books, I am so glad it is still so popular after all these years!

    1. Yeah, that's the reason I actually read it- a lot of people love it, so I had to figure out what I was missing! :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Heather!
      ~Litha Nelle


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