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"On the Edge (The Edge #1)" by Ilona Andrews

Naturally, since I am addicted to any narcotic substance writing produced by Ilona Andrews, I picked up the entire series during my buying spree at Better World Books. This book has a lot in common with Ilona Andrews' other work, Burn For Me, which I also loved, but is set in a more 'hidden world'. It's also more romance oriented than Ilona Andrews' usual urban fantasy fare, but still can't touch Halfway to the Grave.

There are three worlds in this novel: the Broken, which is basically what normal, non-magical folks like us live in daily, the Edge, which has a bit of magic to it, and has no rule of law, and the Weird, where the most magical people live and is the essential 'magic kingdom'. Most magic users can only visit two worlds, the Edge and the Weird, due to the Broken being 'broken' of magic. Others don't have enough magic to visit the Weird, or have warrants out for their arrest in the Weird. Rose can visit all three, but doesn't have the necessary papers to ensure her and her brothers' rights are respected once they cross into the Weird, hence them living on the Edge, with the occasional venture into the Broken.

The Plot (As Seen on Goodreads):
'Rose Drayton lives on the Edge, between the world of the Broken (where people drive cars, shop at Wal-Mart, and magic is a fairy tale) and the Weird (where blueblood aristocrats rule, changelings roam, and the strength of your magic can change your destiny). Only Edgers like Rose can easily travel from one world to the next, but they never truly belong in either.
'Rose thought if she practiced her magic, she could build a better life for herself. But things didn’t turn out how she planned, and now she works a minimum wage, off the books job in the Broken just to survive. Then Declan Camarine, a blueblood noble straight out of the deepest part of the Weird, comes into her life, determined to have her (and her power).
'But when a terrible danger invades the Edge from the Weird, a flood of creatures hungry for magic, Declan and Rose must work together to destroy them—or they’ll devour the Edge and everyone in it.'

Rose is left to care for her young brothers after her father runs off when she is a teenager. Despite challenges, she raises them as best she can, until one day a stranger comes to her property looking to carry her off as his own. Declan is the kind of hero I usually wince at- he makes all kinds of demands, believes he is entitled to certain things, and will do anything to get what he wants. There are a lot of moments where my eyebrows were *almost* meeting my hairline... but all is revealed in the end, as with any good book.

Beyond Rose, who is a heroine I love (she has no issues telling bluebloods to get off her property... with actions), there are also Rose's brothers: Georgie and Jack. The way the book opens with them featured is somewhat strange- it again harkened back to Burn for Me, which also had zany characters and peculiar scenes. Although Georgie is somewhat dear to me due to his name, Jack takes the cake, as he is a lynx changeling kitten. So if you remember my obsessive Wolf puppy-centric review of Written in Red, you'll understand why I was so excited while reading this- children who turn into small fluffy things in books are on my list of favorite things ever. (Children who turn into small fluffy things in real life... now that's a nightmare waiting to happen.)

On the Edge is an exceptional escape from reality. If you've ever wondered if magic users frequent Wal-Mart, well, this book may indeed hold the answer for you. If you're addicted to fictional shifter children, this book has one. If you like urban fantasy and paranormal romance, but definitely prefer the urban fantasy bits, have no fear. I recommend this book to those who like books about adult magic users, both prosperous and penniless.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars for a new (to me) favorite Ilona Andrews series!

Content: Ages 18+ for violence, sexual content, likely a few naughty words, and irritating bluebloods.

Page Count: 309 pages in my mass market paperback edition

Interesting Fact: Jack and George are also featured in a scene of Sweep in Peace, a book I read last year and haven't reviewed (yet). I'll have to reread it!


  1. I enjoyed this one too! I think I might like it better now than I did when I actually read it (my timing was a little off), but I've been wanting to get back to these books.

    1. I'm glad I saved this series of theirs for later. Until a couple months before I started this blog, I really didn't like any (and I mean any) romance in my reads. This has romance, but it doesn't outweigh the action. And... the way they started this one was pretty strange. I wasn't so sure I'd like it until that scene was explained. :)
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Wendy!
      ~Litha Nelle


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