Saturday, June 4, 2016

Month in Review for May 2016: Four Flowers

Find the four metal flowers in my mom's back garden. One of them is a little camouflaged.

This May was rather productive for me real life wise, and blog-wise, I still managed to publish more than one review (yay!). While I'm still trying to bounce back from our jaunt to Montana, I'm glad I got to see my grandmother and help her switch apartments. Since I can't carry much, I was put in charge of some of the china closet- with my left hand's poor grip, it was a little daunting, but I didn't break anything. It was an unusual trip because I was too tired to take any pictures, which I generally take lots of.

 Total Posts: 11
  Total Critiques: 3
    Classics/Historical: 1
    Fantasy: 2
    Part of a Series: 2

Most Popular Posts of May:
Fibromyalgia Awareness Day
In Other News #2, or All the Things I've Learned From George
"Sunbolt (The Sunbolt Chronicles #1)" by Intisar Khanani
"Sing the Four Quarters (Quarters #1)" by Tanya Huff
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Flashback Post (From May of a Previous Year):
"The Handmaid's Tale" by Margaret Atwood

Pageviews for the Month: 1602
Comments: 19!

Reading Challenges Updates:

Travel the World in Books Challenge

Applicable Books:
"Peasant Tales of Russia" by V.I. Nemirovitch-Dantchenko (Russia)

Total for 2016 So Far: 8 of 15 Books, 5 of 5 Countries

Reading Stats:

Books read this Month: 7

Book Stats:
Has a Diverse Main Character: 0...
Doesn't Have a Diverse MC: 7
Female Main Character: 3
Male Main Character: 0
Pair and/or Group of Female/Male Main Characters: 4
 Fantasy: 3
 Urban Fantasy/Magical Realism: 1
 Folk Tales: 1
 Contemporary Romance: 1
 Historical Romance: 1
Published in 2016: 2
Published in 2000-2015: 2
Published in 1990s: 2
Published pre-1900: 1
Self-Published, Small Press, or Other: 1
Traditionally Published: 6
Series Books: 4
Standalones: 3
Ebook Version: 5
Paper Version: 2
Favorite of the Month: The Mad Ship (Liveship Traders #2) by Robin Hobb
Least Favorite of the Month: Anti-Romance (Anti-Romance #1) by Cassia Leo
Most Interesting of the Month (or Book I Learned the Most From): Peasant Tales of Russia by V.i. Nemirovitch-Dantchenko
From the-pile: 2
From the-invisible-pile: 3
Recently acquired: 2
Added to the-invisible-pile: 1
Books bought: 3
Pages Read in 2016 Thus Far (according to Goodreads): 14,757

5 Stars: 0
4-4.5 Stars: 3
3-3.5 Stars: 3
2-2.5 Stars: 1

Author Stats (1 = 1 book read by x author):
Male: 1
Female: 6
Male/Female Team: 0
Diverse: 0...
Not-so-Diverse: 7
Living: 6
Deceased: 1

Planning to Read in March:

I want to read an island themed book with the rest of the Travel the World in Books crew, but I'm not sure if I'll get around to it- I have several qualifiers in my pile. Other than that, I also plan on finishing Age of Myth (The Legends of the First Empire #1) by Michael J. Sullivan, which I'm enjoying so far. And, actually getting around to a diverse book because I didn't read any in May!

Upcoming Review:

Spells of Blood and Kin by Claire Humphrey
I finished this one in May, and while I did enjoy it, it didn't linger much with me.

Happy Reading!


  1. I got Age of Myth through Netgalley and I'm hoping I'll be able to get to in time to write a release date review. I'm glad you're enjoying it, and I can't wait to see what you have to say about it :)

    1. I hope I'll be able to finish a review before its release as well! So far it hasn't disappointed. I like the idea that the author pre-finishes his series, so there isn't too bad of a wait.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Rachelle!
      ~Litha Nelle

  2. I am glad you made it home! Traveling so far is sure to take it's toll. I hope you are feeling relatively back to normal soon. My mom has been talking of moving closer to me, which would be nice. It's going to be a huge project for her to pack up all her stuff, decide what to keep and what not to keep when she does move. I imagine she'll be wanting to try an apartment since it'll just be her and her dog. I am not sure when that will happen though. I'm not sure she does either.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. I wish we could live closer to my grandma, but my mom's job pays twice as much where we're at now. Downsizing does take time, especially when you've lived in a certain place for a while. I hope she has an easy time with her choice whenever she makes it.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Wendy- I hope your weekend was great as well!
      ~Litha Nelle

  3. Gosh, you had a busy month! It is too bad your grandmother couldn't have moved near where you are. I might try the Travel the World Challenge next year. I think it is the same one my buddy Shannon is doing. :)

    1. This year I think has been a lot busier than last year- or at least it seems that way now. ;) My grandma and her sister live in the same retirement home/assisted living place, so I think that's why she likes it there so much (although she complains about her elder sister "bossing" her around). There are a few variations of the Travel the World in Books Challenge- the original challenge was by a different blogger who decided not to do it any longer. Any of the variations of the challenge are a great way to diversify your reading.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, La La!
      ~Litha Nelle


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