Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SFF: The 5 Excuses for Buying New Books You Use on Yourself

Sunday Fun Five #71:

A Countdown of

The 5 Excuses for Buying New Books You Use on Yourself

I'm not sure about you, but I have book buying issues. As in, I buy way too many books. These are some of the excuses I find myself using over and over again when I'm at my book buying binge finest.

5.  "Blogger raved about this book!"
So what if this mysterious blogger and I disagree on most books rating-wise- this one could be the tie-breaker! Or so the book buying devil on my shoulder tells me.

4. "I still have shelf room/can buy a new shelf."
My mom helps enable me a bit with this one- if she sees a cheap shelf, she'll usually buy it for me.

3. "If I buy this, if might be my new favorite!"
I use this excuse way too often for it to be remotely true in most cases. True, a few of the books my brain coerced me into buying did end up on my five star reads shelf, but quite a few of those actually came to me as freebies.

2. "I liked this author's other book."
This is probably the most likely excuse I'll use if I've read another of that author's books. I'll even use this one when I only rated the other book 3 Stars- on the off chance I'll like another of theirs. I seem to get comfortable as far as authors go- if I like one of their books enough, I'll buy their entire catalogue.

1. "You only live once."
I use this one quite a bit. So what if I live in a house that you can't see the walls of- you only live once, and I want to live in a castle made of books (or so my mind tells me).

Do you use any of these excuses? What do you do to curb your book buying?

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