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SFF: The 5 Animal Companions You'd Like to Read More About

The Sunday Fun Five #32

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A Countdown of

The 5 Animal Companions You'd Like to Read More About

5. Arrow the semi-feral dog of Turtle Moon by Alice Hoffman
There's something about feral animals that I find intriguing, even though sometimes they're much to violent for modern life. That would apply to Arrow, who is kept kenneled when he isn't working as an air dog. I would love to read more about him (and possibly Julian), even though this book is an older standalone.

4. Purza the Barquecat of The Rowan (The Tower and the Hive #1) by Anne McCaffrey
I had a feral kitten named Pursy (tamable only when fed junk food like Cheetos) when I was a child, which may explain my attachment to the futuristic barquecat named Purza. But still, I'd like to hear more of Purza and Rowan's story, even though the author has since passed away and no more of the Rowan's story will likely be told, as the author skipped to the next generation in the sequel to this book.

3. Any of the Animals Featured in Robin McKinley's Books (The Hero and the Crown, Deerskin)
I was trying to narrow it down to one animal in particular I admired, but then I realized I'd pretty much like to see more of all her animal portrayals. From Talat the three legged horse, to Ash the dog, to any of her various other critters (that seem to pack The Hero and the Crown to the brim).

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2. The Direwolves of A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin
Since I now have a dog who is the very personification of a miniature direwolf (Torrie), I admit I fell hard for the direwolves of ASoIaF. Not only are they brave and (at times) vicious, they also show steadfast loyalty to their owners.

Immortalized in wax with his owner at the James Herriot Museum (it exists???)
1. Tricki Woo the Pekingese of All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot
There's something about obese lapdogs that makes them so lovable. In Tricki Woo's case, Mr. Herriot's writing helped bring him to life so the rest of us might know about him, even though Mr. Herriot and Tricki Woo have long since passed. Perhaps I'll have to read some Tricki Woo fanfiction.

Which animal companions leave you wanting to read more about them, even when the book is over? 

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