Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Dog Days are... Postponed!

If you hadn't noticed I was doing a "Dog Days of Summer" feature on my blog, well, that's okay, because my procrastinator brain hadn't either and was unwilling to dent my vacation time with blog things like rereading dog books and reviewing them. Anyway, I hadn't anticipated the last two weeks of July being as busy in my real life as I went camping, and now I'm off to see my dear grandma and celebrate her 89th birthday by baking a cake (celebrations aren't worth having without dessert). So expect to have more Dog Days come August, and not many more posts (if any) to round out July and early August.

You may also be seeing another Montana Book Roundup post soon, as I'm headed that way and willpower against buying books is also not a strength of my poor brain.

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