Sunday, January 31, 2016

Feel the Paper Love February: Roster of Events

Since I'm hosting the Feel the Paper Love February Challenge, I decided to think up some optional posts that would be applicable to "feeling the paper love". The first and last posts will have a link-up, and the others I'll just edit my posts so there are links to whomever chooses to post on the topic as well. 

All posts on this are completely optional, and feel free to combine them with existing posts. It doesn't matter if you post them sooner or later in the month- I added dates so I could not procrastinate as I am wont to do.

February 1st: "TBR for the Month". What do you plan to read, do you have a goal for a certain number of books, etc. I think mine will be titled: Ebook Rehab: Day 1. (With link-up).

February 14th: The 5 Books You Want a Physical Copy Of (i.e. books you borrowed from the library or have a digital version of, but would rather have a paper copy of)

February 20th: Paper Books: Pros and Cons. What aspects do you like about paper books? Which aspects do you not like (at all)? (A paper cut mention is obligatory).

February 28th: The 5 (Physical) Books You Treasure Most (i.e. books your grandma gave you, signed copies, books that hold fond memories for you).

February 29th: "Wrap-up Post" (how many paper books did you read; did reading paper make you read faster or slower; do you plan on reading paper books more often in the future). Mine will likely be titled: Ebook Rehab: Day 29. And I should have a link-up available for this one as well.

Happy Reading!

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