Monday, June 16, 2014

Blog News: Vacation Time and Liebster Re-Nomination

From my last vacation near Polson, MT.
This week I'll be heading back to Montana to spend a week with my friend. But instead of leaving you hanging, I've pre-written and scheduled all my regular posts ahead of time, so there won't be any halt to the book love. That said, I've had issues with scheduled posts in the past, and they could get lost in the internet wormhole, so if a week goes by and you don't hear from me, that's why.

I also was re-nominated for a Liebster Award by the The Girls From the Bookwhore Diaries (thanks Undomesticated Fangirl and Daydreamer Reader!), but this time, I'm not nominating anyone else, except perhaps those of you who are reading this. To all of my readers, whether you're a blogger or not, congratulations: You've Won a Liebster Award! Do with it what you will.

The 11 Facts About Me can be seen here.

Questions From the Undomestic Fangirl and the Daydreamer Reader:
1. Name your top three phobias.
Running out of books to read, running out of books to critique, and running out of colorful writing implements.
2. What do you wish you could say you discovered (thing/place/person)?
I wish I'd discovered Montana, but then again I couldn't have been born there if I had discovered it.
3. From all the books you've read, which is your least favorite? Why?
Maximum Ride by James Patterson, because the sentences and structure made no sense.
4. You are the judge for the coolest book ever written, what book would get the award? Why?
The King of the Wind by Marguerite Henry, because it's a children's book with a universal theme.
5. If you could choose one character from a book who would come here into our world, who would it be?
Odd Thomas, but he'd be awful lonely without his soulmate...
6. Name the top three dream jobs you'd like to have.
Veterinarian, Acquiring Editor at a Publishing Firm, or maybe just be an Author.
7. If you had a shot at being in the front page of every newspaper or magazine in the world, what would be your favored headline?
Dead girl rises again. See 11 facts about me. It's rather humorous.
8. If you could write out the rest of your life, what would happen this year?
I'd magically finish the book I've been sculpting for the past 10 years and publish it to great acclaim.
9. One day, you suddenly woke up and found that you were a Hollywood celebrity. What is the first thing you will do?
Scream. Loudly. And hope I got back into my real life.
10. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
Rob a bank. That's the right answer, right?
11. What invention would you like to offer to the world today?
A cure for cancer. That's really all we need in this day and age.

I'll be back...

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