Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"The Lazy Vacationer" by Litha Nelle

In case you were wondering what I did for the past week away from my blog, it looked a lot like this:
Paddle-boating selfie
And this:
Really, who needs an ocean when you have a lake and mountains?
I've been slacking off, rereading Game of Thrones and applying seven layers of sunscreen a day. So, no critique for today, but I thought you might enjoy seeing what a vacation at Flathead Lake does to people. I was practically an outdoorsy girl for a week (despite it raining vehemently the first few days I was there, resulting in a Disney movie marathon). Also, I have some pics from my last trip at Polson vs. this trip.

Last year's trip
This year's trip- notice most of the dam gates are open
I thoroughly enjoyed myself and recommend to everyone to visit my birth state of Montana at least once in their lives- from Flathead Lake to Glacier Park to Red Lodge to West Yellowstone, Montana has hidden gems and picturesque views. If it was never winter (or snow in the summer) in Montana, it would be paradise.

See you on Thursday!

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