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Sunday Fun 5: Realms of the Written Word You Wish You Never Left

Sunday Fun 5 #3:

Sunday Fun 5:
#3: The 5 Realms of the Written Word You Wish You Never Left
For the 22nd of June: #4: The 5 Authors You Would Revive, If Only For a Day
Feel free to participate by commenting below or writing a blog post: I wrote up some guidelines for blog participation here.

A Countdown of

The 5 Realms of the Written Word You Wish You Never Left

Including, but not limited to worlds of historical, urban and traditional fantasy, science fiction, etc. Really any bookish setting you wish you never left, but limited to 5 choices, and perhaps some locations you notably excluded.

Image from Stormlight Archive Wiki
5. Roshar, from The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive)
Safe-hands and the lighteyes/darkeyes system be damned- I'd willingly pack up my bags to go to Roshar any day. Albeit I may end up dying in a highstorm, betrayed by a Brightlord, or otherwise disposed of, I'd be willing to place my bets on living in this fantastic realm.

Image From Wikipedia
4. Hogwarts, or a world where magic is real, as in the Harry Potter Series
I would be eminently able to take over Professor Trelawney's position as Divination teacher and Crazy-In-Chief of the Hogwarts staff. Plus, I could also assist Hagrid with hatching some dragons. All in all, Hogwarts would be one of the best bookish places for me. (Side note: instead of saying I graduated high school via GED, I put Hogwarts down as my alma mater on Facebook.)

Image From Kingkiller Chronicle Wiki
3. The Four Corners of Civilization, from The Name of the Wind and Kingkiller Chronicle
Another location featuring magical schools and dragons, the Known World of The Name of the Wind would be an ideal place for me to put down roots. With massive libraries, music, and plenty of adventure, I don't think I would be too bored to live here. Plus, if I lived there I may even end up killing a king.

From the movies- they did a great job of capturing Rivendell
2. Middle Earth, from The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy 
While I would certainly avoid the Mordor and Mount Doom areas, I would love to live in Middle Earth, particularly in the Shire or Rohan. With mythical beings, wondrous places to travel, and plenty of adventure, Middle Earth ranks high on my list of realms I never want to leave. Remember: not all who wander are lost.

Image From The Shadow of the Wind on Weebly, but looks to be from somewhere in Ireland
1. The Cemetery of Forgotten Books, from The Shadow of the Wind and its series
Sure, this is set mainly in our world- but the Cemetery of Forgotten Books is like a reader's version of Nirvana. To live there, I would learn Spanish and travel back in time to 1945, bringing every scrap of vintage clothing I own, in addition to some of my favorite books. And as technology progressed, I'd start the first ever book blog, and promptly run out of years to write it, but not before reading the entire contents of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books. 

Notable Exclusions: I love Westoros (from A Song of Ice and Fire Series), but would prefer to dwell in a land where I could be unmolested and not end up dying in the first thirty seconds of being there. I also love the Victorian era and its books, but I would not want to live in a corset and be reliant on men. In addition to those, I'd love to live in Ancient Rome or Egypt, if only I would not be considered something of an anomaly (pale skin, purple hair, and blue eyes do not an Egyptian/Roman make).

How does my list match up with yours? Did I miss any of your "worlds of the written word" you'd like to dwell in?

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