Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"The Lycan Hunter (A Gardinian World Novel)" By Kelsey Jordan

I received this e-book for free via a book promoter, but in no way did it affect my literary taste buds. This critique is my honest opinion.

Usually with a genre like paranormal romance, it's all about the romance with no focus on the paranormal aspects. This book is an exception- the mythology is thoughtfully constructed, to the point that it borders on being labeled urban fantasy. I truly have never read a paranormal romance quite like this one with its depth and originality in regards to the supernatural factor. The romance didn't suffer for it, and nor did the pacing of the plot, a laudable feat, as this is a debut novel.

The Plot:
Alexis is a Hunter, engaged in what is known as the Forever War with Lycans (goddess-formed beings who can shapeshift into an animal form). Kyran is a newly elected Mikko (packleader) of the Blue Ridge pack, taking over his deceased father's seat and responsibilities, though he intends to end the Forever War by fulfilling a prophecy: "When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord, the fallen goddess will be restored." The problem with this is that the last Hunter Kyran met with vanished under mysterious circumstances. Alexis comes into his life while trying to kill a traitor of his pack and her brother, only to be inflicted with grievous injuries, which he tends to. But can he really fulfill the prophecy in a world that is rife with meddlesome gods?

The first part of this book had some minor issues, mainly the heroine's tendency to get in bad scrapes and risk her life, but later on it was revealed why. I was rather impressed with Kyran's personality- often in wolf-shifter books, the packleader is an alpha male who treats his women like they are a given and comes off as overly cocky. Not so with this hero: he feels quietly confident and treats women with respect and dignity. It seems worth mentioning that there was a Harem for the Blue Ridge pack in this book, though not really used for what you'd think- they're simply unemployed females without a purpose in a male-led pack. In addition to that, there are female-led packs with male harems, so nothing for me to grouse about on the gender equality front.

Alexis is a character I didn't relate with until halfway through in the story. When you first read about her, she sounds a lot like your average tough girl you might find in a multitude of urban fantasies. She is a heroine who was always thought of as defective by her parents and the Hunter society, and can't seem to realize she's actually proven them all wrong by being the best at what she does despite her flaws. By the end of the book, she felt like a different character, but in a good way, and without sacrificing her fortitude.

The part I enjoyed most about this book was the unexpected depth of the mythology. Not only were there many gods of many personalities, there were also rituals, customs, and an intriguing take on heaven and hell. There was a god-character who reminded me of the angel Lassiter from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, but other than that, most of what I read was fresh or borrowed from ancient mythology.

The Lycan Hunter is a paranormal romance that combines mythology and prophecy into a tale of two lovers, without sacrificing the story's momentum. Although it was not one of my five star reads, it is an exceptional book in a niche of novels where there is often no other plot besides a love story. If you are looking for a paranormal romance that doesn't forfeit on either count, this book is for you.

Rating: 4 of 5 stars for a surprisingly mythical paranormal romance.

Content: This is an adult paranormal romance with violence and sex, though never together: ages 18+.

Page Count: 308 pages


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  2. awesome review for an awesome book!


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